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hi all got a phone call today am going for my left knee replacement in two weeks and of all days on mkney birthday I have to make a decision whether to have an epidural or general anesthetic I had my right knee done sometime ago but its not very functional I am hoping physiotheraphy will fix that I dont think I could cope with an operation on that knkee again I would appreciate all your prayers thank you

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  • sending you my prayers & I wish you well.

  • Wish all goes well for you. saying a prayer for you.

  • Warmest thoughts and best wishes for your operation. Huge gentle hugs


  • I had total knee replacements in both knees at the same time- I'd see take the general!

    Will be wishing you well and happy birthday when it comes.


  • Say rather - typo

  • If you have a epidural you will recover quicker and you will be giving a sedative as well so you won't know much about it darling.xxx

  • Definitely recommend an epidural. No pain and faster recovery. Good luck! M x

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