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Hi all as most of you know I am from Australia I don't know what Its like in other countries in a public hospital but you never see the same specialist and being a hospital they probably have to follow protocol for treatment I have an appointment tommorow I am going to ask about going on ldn which has never been mentioned before not many doctors talk about it I would like some suggestions on how to approach them also anyone that is on ldn I would very much appreciate your experience and also if you have taken prednisolonw while on ldn and weaned off prednisolone I am only on a low dose of pred but have been on it for a long time and would love to get off it thank you all be in good health

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  • Hi Rocky

    I'm afraid I cannot offer any significant advice regarding your question other than when they discuss treatment and your thoughts about meds, you simply tell them the research you've undertaken re LDN, how positive you feel about it and that you'd like to try it? Sometimes a very direct approach is best ?

    However, whilst that's all I can offer, I really just wanted to wish you the very best of luck for tomorrow and I'll be wishing you a positive outcome.


  • Thank you so much Marie you have been very helpful

  • Thank you Marie you have been very helpful

  • Yes Rocky ,I agree with Marie taking the direct approach, at least it will start the conversation on the pros and cons of the treatment. Hope it goes well.

    Regards Mike

  • What's Ldn?

  • low dose naltrexone

  • .we don't tend to use abbreviations so much in UK especially for drugs i

  • If you go to the ldn website ldnresearchtrust.org you can find material that you can print out for the doctor. This material is intended to help patients to discuss ldn with doctors who do not know enough about ldn.

  • Hi Rocky07, I had

    been on prednisolone for about 6 months. I got off it because I was gaining too much weight. I tapered off it gradually, taking a pill every other day, then every two days and then I just got off it on a daily basis. I only used it after that if the Advil didn't do it for me. I am from the states and we are fortunate to be able to have the same doctor but it comes at a cost. It's comforting in the fact that they know your background and any problems you had and you don't have to keep telling your story to a doctor you may not see again

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