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Ra sufferer

Hi all as most of you. know I am from Australia I would like to know if anyone has had treatment at hospital for special surgery in new York they specialise in rheaumatplogy and orthopedics I have seen. on tube where people have gotten out of wheelchair s I know they take international patients but I know it will probably cost a lot especially I am on a disability pension

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Rocky 99% of treatment available in New York will be available in Australia.

In the USA, medical facilities & doctors are allowed to advertise but just because they put all sorts of fantastic claims on line it doesn't necessarily mean those claims can be substantiated.....or that they are suitable for everybody.

Have you actually investigated the costs of any medical rheumatology procedures in NY? I think it would be beyond the budget of most people on this site...unless we have a few millionaires hiding in our midst?

New York is a very expensive city for everything, & that includes medical treatment! You would also have to consider the cost of travelling from Australia, accommodation for a fair time, plus food & other living expenses.You would also need someone to accompany you, so why don't you start investigating what treatment for your condition is now available in Australia?

Is there anybody in your Doctor's office who could point you in the right direction to a rheumatologist specialising in assessment of your particular condition? Whilst you are investigating treatment in America, have you actually asked for a referral to a suitable specialist at home?

I do hope you can find a doctor who can help you Rocky, but I do think you should push on investigating treatment nearer home.



Hi Rocky,

LIke AC I wonder a bit why you are asking this question. Yes, there a few very specialist procedures and conditions where there are only a few doctors in the world who have experience of them. But generally each country has provision for most conditions. For example, there's hospital in England that specialises in spinal injuries so they have world class experience and is the place to go in the UK. Unless you have a very, very complex or rare condition you should be able to find good treatment in your own country.

From this and your other posts it seems that you are hoping that somewhere there is a wonderful treatment that will turn your life around, whether it's trying LDN or going to a different hospital. Often the solutions are closer to home.

To me the important step is to discuss things very thoroughly with your own doctors who know you and your condition, so you understand exactly what the problems are that are causing you mobility or other problems. For example is it the activity level of the disease that your current drug treatment is not tackling, or mechanical problems, muscular problems or irreversible damage to joints? Once you are clear about that it becomes easier to work out what's the best thing to do.


Hi Rocky,

There is a arthritis forum called Creaky Joints that is American and they have recently started a sister forum in Australia and you may find additional information from ether of them.

Sorry I've no information re the NY hospital - nor have I tried LDN so no useful info there either.

All the best


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Hi Rocky,

I've lived in NYC for 16 years prior to moving overseas.

I have not personally needed to use the Hospital for Special Surgery but have had two friends that underwent treatment there unrelated to Rheumatology that were very happy. It is without question a top notch hospital.

Here's the thing. As Age Crown says it will be astronomical in terms of cost.

Second, I've read some of your posts and understand that you have a great fear of taking DMARDS or BIologics. I feel for you. If you undergo surgery to try to fix what has evolved from your yet poorly controlled RA without addressing how to slow the disease down with prescribed medication (other than prednisone) then wouldn't it stand to reason that you will likely require even more surgery in the future? If you get better control of your disease maybe some of the issues you're having will get a little better. We all have to be patient and there are no quick fixes with anything in life but giving some of the DMARDS a chance to work and not worrying about the rarer side effects may help in the long run? I may be wrong and you are currently taking DMARDS and if so I apologize.

I also agree with AC on searching for a surgeon to address your needs closer to home but if you are hell bent on going to the US you may want to look into the Cleveland Clinic or even John Hopkins.

But I'd also like to add that not only will it be costly but there will be a lot of stress on you going so far to have something done that may very well be provided to you closer to your home.

Best of luck.


It'll cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to the USA to get treatment. Therefore, I suggest you concentrate on getting advice from your own local medical team & maybe ask about the procedures that you've seen on the internet & whether they're available in Australia. You will more than likely to be on some DMARDS or biologics otherwise the surgery may of no use. You need to able to slow down the disease & if you have surgery, then the RA can destroy the surgery & it will fail.

I've read your posts Rocky & I know you want answers & help. The only people who can help you is your own medical team in Australia. People here have suggested this several times. Medical knowledge is shared & studied across the world. The USA do not have superior knowledge to Australia, UK , Europe as they all share the knowledge etc. It's just that the USA advertise it more. Trust your doctors & let them help you. It's not just about the meds, what about physio, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, have you tried those too? I know Australian healthcare is excellent, my father in law lives in Brisbane and is very well looked after there.


Hello Rocky. Oz has an up and coming treatmean for RA called Rheumavax. It is in the trial phase. Do you live anywhere near the University of Queensland? There is a professor named Dr. Ranjeny Thomas who is world renown for her work in rheumatology. Read up on her. Maybe you can get in on one of her trials.

All the best to you



Thank you sazanna I live in Melbourne Victoria but I will look her up

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