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Hi all as most of you know I am having a knee replacement soon I would link to know of people experience with general anastetic and epidural I believe with the epidural you are conscious but they can also give you something else which will. make. you sleepy what I need to know can you hear what's going on and doctors talking and why with the epidural is the recovery time quicker and is there less pain thanks whichever way I decide I hope they have a birthday cake waiting foe me

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You only come to at the end of the surgery,but if your scared ask for a general anastetic instead. xxxx

Hi Rocky.

I had a knee replacement 8 weeks ago and had a spinal anaesthetic.

I was also given a strong sedative and I can honestly say that there is nothing to be scared of.

I was in surgery longer than expected and I do not remember anything at all and did not hear anything during surgery.

First I knew everything was over was when I came round in recovery.

I don't manage general anaesthetic particularly well as I am always very sick afterwards. I was sick after this operation but only because I took a reaction to the morphine I was getting.

The spinal I feel is much better.

Please don't worry and best wishes with your surgery.


Hi Rocky.

I had a knee replacement by epidural and it was a very good experience.

I told the surgeon that I was frightened of seeing inside the operating theatre and he told me not to worry as I could be given deep sedation.

I woke up in recovery feeling absolutely great and refreshed and ate a three course meal half an hour later.

Once the numbness had worn off approx 3 hours later i walked down the corridor and down a small flight of steps with the physiotherapist.

Go for the epidural.

Hope all goes well for you as it did for me.

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Good Heavens! I'm impressed. 3-course meal and mobility within three hours! J

I had an epidural. At the same time I was given strong sedation. I didn't feel anything, hear anything or see anything, and I didn't have the post-operative wooziness that general anaesthetics cause, in my experience. .

Epidurals are a lot safer than general aesthetics, and if given the choice, I would go for that anytime. I also understand that epidurals are cheaper, which may be a factor whether you are going privately or with the over--stretched NHS.

Hi Rocky07,

I have had both hips and both knees replaced with fantastic results. My first hip was done with a epidural. The second hip with a spinal block. Both knees were done with a General.

I have no recollection of being in theater with any of my operations. Given the choice I would have opted for either the epidural or the spinal block again, but by the time they were doing my knee replacements in 2009 my spine had deteriorated to the point where it had become impossible to have either an epidural or a spinal block.

Hope this helps with your decision. May I encourage you to work hard at your post operation knee exercises. I have heard it said that the success of a knee operation is only about 50% down to the skill of the surgical team and that the other 50% is down to the post op. exercises done the patient. I have also heard it said that there is what is referred to as a post op. window of opportunity when it comes to getting the bend in the knee.

Next tip. If you are finding those sessions with the physio painful in the initial post opp. period while you are still in Hospital try this. When the physio comes, ask for a dose of oramorf. (oral liquid form of morphine). By the time the nurse gives you it and the physio goes on to another patient and then back to you, the painkilling effect will have kicked in and that makes it far easier to get the maximum benefit for the exercise session with the physio.

Hope you have a great result.


I had my knee replaced under epidural just before Christmas and it was brilliant. I came to twice for about 3 secs each, but that was it. Next thing I remember I was sat up having a cup of tea and a slice of toast. Just waiting for the other one to be done and will have it done the same way. Good luck.

I have had my knee replacement with an epidural, and foot surgery. Never knew a thing, and recovery was swift....pain relief also more effective. Have had several general anaesthetics, definitely longer recovery and more pain.

It also much safer, especially with someone with rheumatoid joints.. Good luck with the op, work hard on your exercises, and you will hopefully get a good result. M xx

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