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Hi all hope all is well as most of you know I am from Australia I am interested to know anyone from the us. or any other country when you are attending a specialist at a public hospital if you cancel. an appointment or two appointments do they request another referral here sometimes they may request another referral if you cancel two appointments I believe in India you don't have to have a referral and one more question has anyone who has done research on a drug and approached their specialist even though they haven't prescribed it

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  • In Canada, in the province of BC, you can cancel as many appointments as you want as long as you give 24-48 hours notice. You only need another referral if 6 months have passed since the last time you seen your rheumatologist.

    As for your second question, I will be talking to my rheumatologist about minocycline in June. My rheumy is very approachable.

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  • Hi Ricky

    I'm based in Scotland and whilst I can't comment the midding appointments with rheumatology , as I've never missed one , I know if you miss more than one appointment in physio, mental health services, ENT fir example, you're automatically discharged and require to be re referred.


  • As far as I am aware if you cancel appointment in plenty of time with a good reason you will not be discharged. If DNA appointment will be discharged.

    I live in Essex

  • I have never done that before so I haven't had the problem. I put all appointments in my phone with alerts or I would forget them all. Lol.

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