First dose of methotrexate last evening!

Morning people,

Just thought I'd say hi and update as I havent been able to post for a while. Finally sorted metho prescription out after messing up having chest xray 😕 (would you believe my rheumy consultant very kindly posted the prescription through my door for me herself to make sure I got it!!!) Took first dose after my evening meal last evening so just up now having a hot cup of tea 👍

Must confess did struggle to take them (been started on 7.5mg dose, will increase to 15mg over next 4 weeks) but so far ok 👍 Rheumy had wanted to increase the pred up to 30mg (and after a rather pain-filled weekend!) I was tempted to agree but have managed to stay on 20mg using ice packs for swelling especially in my hands and warmth for pain in my feet and knees and that has helped. I've also started on a gluten free diet and high dose Omega 3 oils, which do already seemed to be helping too altho early days to reakky see effect 👍I'm still very 'wired' on the pred (hence why I'm awake at the mo!) so Ive been doing relaxation techniques too as I need to be a bit calmer as I have so much else going on.

In the midst of being diagnosed with ra, my mum isn't doing too good either. She has been in a nursing home for the past 4 years after she suffered a stroke and has end stage non-fatty liver desease and brittle diabetes. Sadly she's been in a lot of pain herself and its just taken me 3 weeks to finally get her the medical help and support she needs 👍 The Palliative Care Nurse who saw her on Tueday was lovely and there are now possible plans in place to move her to the local hospice so she can get the pain relief she needs. Amazingly the Palliative Care Nurse and lead nurse at the nursing home also talked with me about my health (they were worried as they felt I looked even more unwell than my mum!!!)

As well as supporting my own mum Ive also been helping to look after my father in law whose just been diagnosed with early onset altzeimers. Both nurses were telling me it was too much for me and that I looked exhausted!!!. So my husbands family and I are in the process of trying to get a carer in to help look after my father in law so I can at least rest in between seeing my mum etc. My rheumy was telling me at my appointment how importnat it was to reduce my stress levels and workload but I think I was in denial a bit and thought I could just keep going as I had in the past!!!

Thankfully I have a duvet day planned for today, with lots of cups of tea and dvds!!! So here's to the metho doing its job ☺ All the very best to you all.


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  • You sound like an amazing person! Time to look after yourself now x

  • True meaning of a warrior.xxxx

  • Wow what a lovely lady you are, hopefully the meds will suit you and you will start to improve. You have to care for yourself to look after others so relax today. Now that things are getting into place for your your family's care it's time for you too. Please keep us updated. All the very best. Hugs X

  • Amazing person, enjoy your duvet day, you deserve it.

  • Hi Julied24 - I'm sorry for all you are going through, and what your parents are too. The stress level is so bad when you have to be there every day - 2 - 3 times a day for months, no matter how much you love the person. I wasn't sure we would survive, so I understand what the Hospice worker was talking about with you. I was deep into RA and Sjogrens at that time too. You have my empathy..

    I do have to say though that Hospice, when it is the last option left, is wonderful for the relief of the person and their families. My husband's mother decided last February (2016) that she was not going to eat any more, and she didn't. We ended up putting her in Hospice in mid-May and she died in mid-June. But in that month, where the Urinary Tract Infection had made her pretty much delusional and paranoid, they kept her pain free, brought in people to keep her company and sing or talk with her, or just hold her hand. The stress on us up to that point was horrible. But the Hospice people were so lovely and caring that we actually took a day off a couple of times.

    Sending gentle hugs to you and your parents sweetie.

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