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A not so short and sweet thank you.

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I wanted to thank everyone for their concern. I’ve been keeping under the radar a little, the last few weeks, and I’m sorry to have worried a few of you.

I am getting there though, I just felt I needed to focus on my own, without the noise and babble.

Day by day, things are starting to improve. I’m being changed to methotrexate injections next week so I can only hope that helps even more.

The best news is that I finally have a cooker and a fridge and a washing machine!!! I worship them like they are miracles, which is ridiculous, but it’s easy to take the simplest of things for granted. I won’t do that again.

Hugs to all. X

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Good for you girl! When we are able to be thankful for all we have, I think we are in a good place! Many of us, me included tend to take way too many things for granted!

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Jules13 in reply to Valdun

Walking up the stairs for example. Picking up the kettle! My god, our bodies really are fabulous when they work so won’t be taking that for granted either x

:) :) :)

Glad things are getting brighter for you darling.xxxxx

That is such a lovely post to read. Thank you. Take care and hopefully enjoy your new white goods. Yes I agree we do take things for granted and too often im sure. All the very best to you. ☺

I still remember the excitement of getting my first washing machine nearly 30 years ago! wonderful things! Enjoy!

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Jules13 in reply to helixhelix

I actually watched it for 10 minutes yesterday like my cat used to. Fascinating. Ha.

God my body might be getting better but I do think I’ve mentally lost the plot a little x

So pleased things are looking a little brighter! X

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Jules13 in reply to Zip1

Me too. Finally. It’s been a very long 5 months to get even a little bit of good. X

Great that things are looking better xxx

That's great news! Good to see you back here and so glad you are getting your house sorted. xx

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Jules13 in reply to NeonkittyUK

I even painted a cupboard door yesterday. It took over an hour and looked like I was in slow motion, and it’s a bit streaky and crap, but I did it. X

So pleased to read your post. 👍

Well done Jules for getting this far on tablets and hope the change to injections make mobility and life even better.


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Jules13 in reply to Birthdaygirl

Thank you. The injections are because I was still getting quite nauseous on the oral methotrexate and getting a few mouth ulcers so hopefully I can do it. Never had to inject myself with anything before but sure I will get the hang of it.

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Birthdaygirl in reply to Jules13

You will be fine. I inject enbrel and it is no problem. The pen for MTX is probably a bit different but it will have been designed to be easy to use. Glad you have been given the option of injections. That is good news and a sign of good care.


When my machines are working away reducing the workload I'm really thankful for them and electricity. Where I grew up we didn't have electricity or mains water or sewage, so I remember how hard life was. As a child I had my chores to do and I can remember the chilblains and the cold.

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Jules13 in reply to oldtimer

Blimey... where did you grow up? I remember going up to the outer Hebrides for our summer holidays and having an outside loo, no electricity, and using the stream to cool the milk. Of course we thought it was a great adventure at the time, but when you’re living with it, it must be very hard. Ugh I can’t imagine washing clothes by hand with cold water.

But we do adjust don’t we? I’ve managed fine not having a cooker and a fridge but I’m bloody glad I now have one. Can’t lie about that.

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Oh No Sweetie - That is not true. I remember taking my clothes to the Laundromat (when I absolutely HAD to), and when I got a home washer and dryer, I washed every single thing in the house that I could get into the machines. I understand completely how wonderful they are, and it is not ridiculous at all. And what could be better than being able to store some food, and then cook it without having to go out all of the time.

I am so happy for you and wish you the best with your next steps!

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Jules13 in reply to Hidden

Thank you. That’s very sweet. I also have my front blind up so don’t have to stick an old sarong to my front window anymore. I’m sure my new neighbours must have thought I was so poor I couldn’t afford curtains but now I have a beautiful white wood blind!!! And a very nice and dishy handyman to put it up for me. That’s nice too x

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Hidden in reply to Jules13

Ha HA HA HA! I love the dishy handyman. I have one of those too...6'7", sweet, bright - my Dear Hubby - ha ha. And just think - Sarongs are beautiful, so they probably didn't mind...

Glad to hear things are on the up. Just the little boost you needed. x

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Jules13 in reply to Smiler53

Exactly. More boosts please x

I am so very pleased for you. Onwards and upwards.

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