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Mtx and blood test update

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Hi everyone,just to let you know,my least lot of fortnightly blood tests are over and now I go monthly,its something I suppose lol.when I rung today she said my esr levels were only slightly raised at 19,2 weeks ago it was 28,the highest it's ever been,so I am very pleased and happy it's gone down:))).i remember the rheumo nurse saying our main aim is to get your esr down as it means a lot of inflammation in your blood which means RA is active,so I'm positive today as its gone Down a lot in 2 weeks.i know some of yours is normal too but mine isn't so I see this as positive and mtx is beginning to wrk.i start week 8 on Monday,my stiffness in fingers is bad at minute and my shoulders are painful,but my knee and ankles are much better,I don't have swollen ankles anymore and they were like balloons !!!! I just keep praying and hoping I carry on seeing improvement week by hubby and daughter are in Las Vegas for a week so me and my son are goin out and about places,having a lovely week of friends have been amazing,I haven't cooked since Monday and tonight my friend is cooking us Chinese yum yum.right hot shower time and any good positive advice on my esr levels would be greatly appreciated as I'm hoping this is a very good sign.lots of love Michelle xx

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I think it is a great positive sign and indicates medication is working. so be happy and enjoy your Chinese :)

Glad it,s good news Michelle, have a great weekend Xx

Great that your bloods are improving and you sound so positive long may it continue. Enjoy your meal 2nite. Im at 1st Rheumy appt Mon and will let you know how it goes

cris xx

That is really good. I too have have a high ESR (up in 60s sometimes) and am really cheered because it's been sitting at 30 for two months in a row which is the lowest mine has been and the longest it's stayed down there. I think our normal levels change as we get older so I feel my normal range is probably about 20-30 although in theory it's still rather raised. My GP and rheumy both agree that as long as it comes down and stays down that's the main thing. Hopefully when yours gets down to 0-10 you will be feeling much better and your hands and shoulders will have improved too. MTX took at least six months to work properly for me and it has helped having a second DMARD added so hang in there and enjoy the improvement as much as you can. It's great that you have such supportive friends - makes a huge difference. Tilda x

thats it ,, ive made my mind up ... im ringing up to order a chinese take away ..

i never get told my ESR ,, or any other readings ... i will after ask ... all i get told is its high or raised ..

great news ,,michelle .. enjoy dinner ..

andy x

Andy aren't you on any drugs that require regular blood tests? If you are then the ESR/CRP should be written in the book?

Mich goes without saying I am so pleased your results are getting better that's just fab always remain positive and have been amazing friend long may it continue and when it does I'll book our paragliding course lol !!! Love Claire xx

Congratulations Michelle...this methotrexate sure is good. My esr is now down to around 7 which is amazing, i can get up and down stairs properly now. Its been a long time getting to this level, have been on myocrysin for about 5 years but the methotrexate is the one that has had the best sure things will continue to improve for you and your life will be so much more pleasurable...good luck.

Tina. xx

Wow Tina thankyou for that :))))what was the highest your had been . Mine is 28 but that seems quite low compared to some but doesn't necessarily mean less painful does it?the more ur esr went down did u start to feel better? Thankyou glad your doing well on it love Michelle xx

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