Dentist and MTX PENS

I have got to have my three remaining teeth out on the top. I was told by my dentist before Christmas that I had to have this done at the hospital dentist as I am on MTX pens 20th. I was in touch with the dentist yesterday and they informed me that the hospital refusee the referal. So I have an appointment with them on Monday, to sort out my options.

Hope you are all well, sending everyone hugs.


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  • Hi there. Please let us know how you get on with the dentist. I might have to have one removed myself shortly, and because I'm on MTX, Prednisolone and Alendronic Acid which can weaken your jaw bone, I'm anticipating problems. Best of luck with yours. Angela.

  • That's odd. I've had lots of dental work done while on Mtx tablets, including extractions. My dentist is on the ball with all of this - well I think she is anyway! Interested to know what your dentist says on Monday. (I wouldn't have thought Mtx injections make dental treatment any more problematic than tablets .... )

  • Hello

    My conditions seem to be similar to yours and am the same age, I need to have a sedation for my dentistry as I was brutalized in the dental clinic (School Dentist). Although I have to wait an extended time for treatment as clinics are always very busy.

    Most treatments are done at hospital if you are a at risk patient, Somewhere, did you say in the past breathing problems ?? Even so I cannot understand their thinking if you have had been referred from your dentist


  • I can't understand why your dentist wants you to be treated at the dental hospital just because of MTX treatment. They are many of us being treated every day by dentists who are on MTX. so there must be another reason which you need to establish.

  • Hi ya

    my dentist said the same to me. She told me its because mtx causes inhibition to bone formation and healing. She said if i needed any dental surgery i would have to stop my mtx injections for a few weeks before n after the procedure. Hope all goes well

  • I am also on MTX, and also take Sulphazaline and hydroxychloroquine I have had dental work done (new bridge fitted) and had no problems at all. Good luck

  • I'm on MTX pens also suffer with COPD and Crohns . Doesn't stop there also have high blood pressure. On three lots of tablets for that. Three inhalers,and gabapentin. I will let you know the resuits of my appointment.

    Take care all sending hugs to everyone. XXX


  • I was previously on MTX and had dental work done. They stopped treatment and sent me home until they could ask my doctor and (get in writing) whether I was to be on anti-biotics during any dental work. My doctor told them 'no'. They did know prior to my appointment that I had RD and was on MTX, so in hindsight they should have contacted my doctor before having me come in for a scheduled appointment, lots of travel and a wasted visit and time off work.

    Your having several extractions is very invasive (oral surgury), with bleeding and chance of infection and slower healing being imuno-compromised is likely the reason they want you in hospital, just to play it safe.

    Sounds like the dentist is nervous or worried about your treatment and want it done in hospital, and the hospital doesn't think its necessary. I do have to say, at least in Canada, dentist are terrified of being sued, a lot of them now make you sign a waiver, saying you wont sue them if something goes wrong......I will not go to one of these as it makes me worry, if they cant be sued then I worry about their standard of care.

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