Sometimes we are broken, but not every day!

Sometimes we are broken, but not every day!

I wrote this poem a while ago, after emerging from an awful depression. I felt so low at the time, thinking of all the things I'd lost as a result of illness. Then I realised that all human beings feel scared and low at times. The trick is to really relish the days when one doesn't feel sick or scared! 😜


Broken we are, from time to time, Scared to live, but terrified of dying.

Too frightened to love for fear of rejection; scared to try something new.

At times too scared to face the day, more scared still of the night-time shadows.

Fear of getting old, invisible, and broken down.

Scared for our children; more of the same pain?

Depressed and anxious we have been. It's all part of the human scene.

The sun will rise, and then it falls, Autumn turns to winter, It happens to it all.

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  • By gum Hector you must have felt rubbish :-(

    I do hope you've come through the other side now and are enjoying the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Love, Legs x

  • Hi Lindalegs

    I did feel rubbish, but that's the point...we all feel rubbish sometimes. It's very human to feel a bit lost at times. Particularly when I'll.

    I don't feel like that now! I'm actually quite a cheerful, up beat person much of the time. 😁

  • Depression is very bleak. It often arrives with autoimmune illness, just to really kick the boot in!

    I'm sure others have suffered too. It's a cool moment when depression packs its bags and bogs off!

  • Glad to hear it and long may you continue to feel this way :-) x

  • Absolutely beautiful darling.xxxx

  • Very insightful Hector23 and I'm Sure will resonate with a lot of people. Life generally, is a bit of a battle and it's heartening and sometimes inspiring to read of people journeying through the bleak to the bright - good stuff!


  • Thank you Eiram50

  • The end line was meant to happens to US all.

  • I got that. I also very much enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work!

  • Beautiful words. Thank you for sharing.


  • Thank you for sharing..... Very eloquently expressed. 🙏🏻💐

  • Lovely

  • Beautifully put and sums it up perfectly

  • you must have been so down when u wrote that poem the words really touched home i hope u r feeling a lot better now mary xx

  • Hi Mary

    Actually, I'd pretty much come out of the depression, to realise that we all suffer (more or less).


  • forgot to mention lovely photo of doggie and beautifull scenary keep well mary xx

  • Yes, all of us have such moments. I wrote this, when I could scarcely walk, and had to be alone for days when my husband had to go out of town officially.

    Walls all around me

    Mute spectators as life passes me by.

    Witness to my silent tears

    Unmoved by my sorrow.

    My crutch during illness

    My support during so called wellness.

    Cleanser of my anger

    Receptor of my rage.

    I am all alone

    No company, but walls of stone.

    All around me.

    Now, two years later, I am so much better, that I can live an almost normal life.

    That's life.

  • Great Padram

    It's amazing to look back on how we once felt. Also heartening to see that things can get better.

    I often write as a means of self expression, and healing.

    Glad you are so much better 😁😀

  • Thank you for sharing your poem.

  • True Hector. Writing is one of the best methods to relieve stress. Please post your other poems too. We do heal this way.

  • Hi Hector how true. Thanks for that, and how did you conquer your depression ? Wishing you well Carol xxx

  • Hi Carol

    Long story. Short answer? I still get it from time to time. I've just got a different way of both treating it, and the way I view it.

    I don't take drugs for depression any more. I found they just made me worse. I don't touch alcohol, walk approx five miles a day with dog (when I'm able) and stick to a good sleep wake cycle.

    I do still get depressed, but I find if I can get through the early morning slump, by getting up straight away, I'm Ok. It helps to have a dog. He gets me up whether I like it or not.

    Also change diet. Eat more fermented foods, cut down on sugar.

  • Thanks it's good to know how people cope, wishing you well Carol xxx

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