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are we all different ?

after just adding a post to my last question on mtx n folic acid . the post as set me off on one .. so i find myself back here .

how many others here these words from a specialist .. we are all different ? this is just a fob off , for them to give us something that isnt going to work , when we go back a year or 6 months later . then we are told . we are all different , it works for some but not for others .

we are not different , we are the same .. do these specialists also see alliens from outter space with 3 heads and 7 legs .. no we are not different . we just get told this .

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With regards to folic acid and mtx there do seem to be some important differences. Some people get many more side effects from mtx than others, for example. For such people taking more folic acid would seem to me to be a good idea as it's one & only function as far as I know is to minimise mtx's side effects. Others might not suffer side effects but find the RA symptoms aren't responding as well as hoped and in their case it might make sense to lower the folic acid to give mtx the maximum chance of working, seeing as how folic acid can reduce the efficacy of mtx.

However, as to whether specialists some times talk a load of codswallop & specialise in fobbing off, I'm sure that's very true in some cases, sadly, but from what I've read on here and from my own experience & that of friends, people do experience RA quite differently & respond to drugs differently. A lot depends on age, fitness levels, other health problems and good old Factor X, I suppose. Another thing to bear in mind is that RA is meant to be an umbrella term for a whole load of similar conditions so your RA might be a slightly different kind from mine etc.


thank wolly

so folic acid can reduce efficacy of mtx . i dont get any side effects from mtx , so reducing mtx , could help the joints out .

if i did start getting hair loss or a ulcer or two in the mouth . i would cope with that .. i would rather ave my joints .. ive not much hair left to lose , so that dont matter to me ..

thanks again . will clear this with rheumy an give it a go .

happy christmas everybody .. ignore me im just having a bad day .


creeky !! eat your snickers :)


lol zip it shrimpy


steve .. your turning into a right diva .. :)


I do think we are all different, or at least there's a big range. First off, RA isn't just the same disease for everyone as the way in which it b#%^*'s up your immune system varies. The immune system is mega-complicated with loads of different bits to it, and the different drugs work on different bits so it does all depend on which bit is wonky for you. And then we are all quite different, not just sex, age and weight but also our medical histories are different so we will have all sorts other complicating factors. And then there's things like what we eat, and how we sleep and exercise that I think can also play a big part. I have nothing but admiration for the young mums with RA on here, as what they achieve would have me on the floor!

It would be great if it was all the same, and we could each be given one pill and then it would get sorted - but I think that's rather far in the future, sadly. Polly


Yes all are individuals.. Im hoping that is what the consultant meant! I like people to remember we are a person not an illness, different treatments also suit different people.


From what I read from everyone on this site we are all different in our reaction to Methotrexate. I am one of the lucky ones who takes it once a week - on that day no Folic Acid - but 5mg of FA on the other six days. I also take 30mg of Lansoprazole on the mornings that I feel a bit nauseous - that seems to keep me comfortable. I do hope you do find MTX helps you,but if it doesn't pester the life out of your doctor to get thinsg sorted! In UK we are far too in awe of the medical profession and forget they are there to help us not just tell us what to do!!!


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