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And (almost) the HU site :-)


After all the doom and gloom on this site recently a group of us got together with Loran at her house in America (yes really) to have a tea party!

We travelled there by train, plane and automobile, and in one case a mobility scooter with someone riding pillion (don't ask! ).

We all bring (virtual) food, drinks ( mainly alcoholic) and let our imaginations run riot, talking about all sorts of subjects, both RA related and not.

It's just like a bunch of friends getting together to chat from all over the world.

Everyone is invited. It started with three now we have about 15 joining in.

BUT! It's not exclusive! This is an open invite to the next one at thanksgiving in November.

Have a look at the last one to see what it's all about. it will take a while to load due to the volume but stick with it, it's worth it.

Look forward to seeing more of you FRIENDS on Loran's porch next time.

All the best. Stuart. Party coordinator :-)

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I'll sure be there I've just been telling Loran even if I have to cancel appointments I'll make it to next one. I think well have to call it the mad hatters tea party. Xx


I like it! Yes the mad hatters tea party is very appropriate. :-)


Sounds like fun was had by all, glad you all had a great time.



I certainly enjoyed yesterdays tea party. It was lovely to get together lovely people and enjoyed ourselves and it took away from our misery with our health for a


Hi Dtech

Pleased to hear you had a good time at the tea party!

Please can I just remind you to select the 'off topic' category for posts like this, to make it easier for people to find posts in the future.

Many thanks


(NRAS Helpline)


I did the invite post Victoria, not Dtech and thought I pressed off topic , like today's Strictly come dancing daftness. Oh well, will do better next time. Apologies for those I may have upset by my unintentional mistake.


Hi Allanah

You did indeed post your thread in 'off topic'. I am referring to this thread and suggesting that it should be in 'off topic' as well.

You're not imagining things, you did use the corrcet category.

Kind regards



Sorry Victoria I forgot to hit off topic button. I am suitably admonished :-(


Ah. No need for 'unhappy face'. Just making you aware for future reference. I know it will take us all time to get used to thinking of categories when we post. Just a gentle nudge in that direction!


Hello, Lovely Llorets porch feels like home, mind dtech what would your missus say if all these lovely ladies turned up on your porch, drinking tea and vodka and southern comfort Hee Hee ! A nd yes I would tell her about your jokes!!

Kidding, great fun and really glad the whole forum could join in if they wish! Or indeed ignore it If they wish too!!!!!! Have a good day today, hi ho off to Rheuumy!

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Just loved it yesterday will try to around at write time next time!!!!! By the time i did try site was sure struggling i had to give up on replying to Allanah xx


This is just the most amazing thing....roll on the next one!! :)


Hi and thanks to all again for showing up on my front porch. :) It is amazing, I feel like the world should know what we accomplished yesterday! Has this sort of thing happened anywhere else?

The occasion has really rejuvenated the spirits of alot of us on this site. From what I am reading, the next one promises to be even bigger, with more already promising to be there. I just wanted to say "WOW"! Hope we didn't cause any stress to the HU equipment!


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