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I am Pathetic


Got a cold. Week one and possibly another, or more, to go from past experience. Snotty nose, bunged up and lethargic. Has anyone a magic remedy ? Taking paracetomol, menthol vapour, vick up the nose, yuck. RA well controlled, thank goodness, by Methotrexate and Humira. Maybe not inject this week. It seems all cold remedies contain drugs which are not allowed. Rest is not what I want. Doing nothing makes me unhappy. I am so bored of doing everything at less than half speed. I need some magic.

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And I'm Philip, pleased to meet you, who is Penelope Jane, I hope you get better soon.



Whisky todies!!! Hugs xx

Hi Penelopejane I'm the exact same chocked and all bunged up xxx

You're definitely not the Lone Ranger :)

I don't do "stay down" well either. I've probably sat through less than a handful of movies in the last five years because there's always something to see, something to do. I do try to push fluids more than I normally would and I'm a big fan of using a neti pot (bottled water only) because I tend to have a cold turn into a sinus infection if I don't. I've found I can avoid using antibiotics if I treat it in time. My rheumatologist is fine with the neti pot, some may not approve of it because of the dangers of not using them properly. Long, hot steamy showers always make me feel better for the short term.

Feel better soon! xx

What's a neti pot?

Just looked it up on on you tube 😳

Paracetamol (as long as you're not on co-codamol or any other para meds) & hot water, honey (preferably a good quality Manuka for it's antibiotic properties) & fresh lemon.....& if you're stopping your MTX a slosh of brandy or whisky whichever you prefer! Keep well hydrated & keep an eye on your temp. At the first sign of it going on your chest down to the docs with you, it's often a sign it's turning bacterial & the last thing you want is it turning into pneumonia.

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