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Suppressed Immune system because of steroids and 12.5 methotrexate.


I have had a cold starting with a sore throat Thursday, then turning to a blocked nose , followed by a full cold and now a cough. My cough sounds very chesty but I assume I would have a temperature for it to turn into a chest infection?I don't want to go running to my Dr for only a cold but I have no idea if I will feel worse on the Mxt or if these things clear up by themselves.

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I take MTX (20mg) & low dose steroids. Although I rarely catch colds when I do it nearly always ends up on my chest. My GP knows I'm not one to go to her because of a cold so I just phone reception & she sends a script to the chemist for me to pick up. It has meant in the past I've had to stop the MTX until the course is finished as it's been penicillin based but last time I was told unless I'm prone in bed there's no need. Yay!

I find making a drink of honey & fresh lemon in hot water soothing, a good Manuka honey if poss as it has anti inflammatory & antiseptic properties.

I hope it doesn't hang around too long & it's gone by Christmas.

Thank you nomoreheels. I am inhaling olbas oil in water which doesn't seem to do much. My concern is when I stop breathing deeply a wheeze carries on. Is this with a blocked nose anything to go running to a Dr for? If it is a virus would anti biotics do anytrhing anyway.?

Some swear by Olbas oil but it's not something I've used. If you're rattling after breathing in or wheezing as you say I would pay a visit to your GP. No, Antibiotics don't do anything for a cold as it's viral but a secondary bacterial chest/lung infection has the ability to become problematic even cause pneumonia so it's best we act on it if we feel it's more than just a cough with a cold. My GP usually asks for a sputum test too, forgot to mention that.

Your blocked nose maybe just part & parcel of a cold. I turn to Vicks Sinex, the one in the bottle, that helps clear my nose particularly at night when it's difficult to breathe in bed.

It's when I breathe out it keeps wheezing, not in. I don't know if that makes a difference?

It could be just congestion but it might be worth seeing your GP anyway, he'll listen to your breathing through a stethoscope & determine if antibiotics should be prescribed.

Thanks I will make an appointment.

My rule of thumb is 24 hours with a temperature of over 100 (old school me!) or if after 3 days of an irritating cough/sore throat/etc it's showing no signs of calming down then I go to GP. As yet I've not had to stop MTX as the courses of antibiotics I've had have been ok to take alongside. And I'be not really noticed that it's taken longer for me to recover since I've been on MTX which is 5 years plus now.

Thanks, I have booked an appointment on line for Thursday, the earliest I could get. I may be panicking as don't quite know what to expect on that drug.

Well my experience of MTX is that apart from controlling my RA (hurrah!) it's made little difference to me otherwise. I don't get more colds that I used to, or other infections. And when I do get an infection or other illness it clears up in the same sort of time as it used to. I'm on 20mg of MTX, plus hydroxy and sulpha - but not steroids. I am slightly more careful about basic hygiene, like hand washing, but don't even bother to avoid eg unpasteurised foods as I reckon I have a reasonably healthy immune system as the dose of immunosuppressants I'm on is pretty low - but that's a personal choice.

I saw a Dr yesterday and I have got a chest infection. I have started on antibiotics so hope they help. The Dr said if I coughed up blood, my temperature kept rising or I became breathless I would need to be in hospital. Well my temperature is still up but I didn't ask after how long. I didn't realise a cold could turn into a chest infection so fast.

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