I am congratulating my body!!!

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I just had my blood test results back for this month and my CRP was only 31!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo pleased, last month it was 88 and i was fearing that my Anti TNF (Enbrel) was stopping working. If i'm honest i hadn't been taking it right since May this year. I don't know if others have the same problem but i have had to stop and start my Enbrel every 2 weeks or so since May due to little infections (ie, wisdom tooth inflamed, wee infection, cold etc...) (sometimes i wondered wether they actual were infections but we have to be so careful on Enbrel don't we). But i have been making a concerted effort since my 88 CRP result to maintain my injections weekly and this week was my 6th injection in a row! (does anyone else have the same problem with stop/starting the injections?). ( do you stop your injections just for a comman cold??)

I know 31 is still Moderate, but before i started Enbrel 9 yrs ago my CRP was continually 300!!! (VERY VERY HIGH), and since being on Enbrel it is normally around 20 which is great for me.

Anyway i know it is only a small success but It has made me very happy and very proud of my body. Today i am going to go and reward myslelf with a pedicure and a new hair do!

Ella xx

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  • you go girl, well done. xx

  • That's great news I am so pleased for you and you should absolutely treat youself. Enjoy! Xxx

  • Fantastic news Ella xx

  • Well done babes! Really happy for you and that little body of yours is tougher than you think.


  • That's great, uplifting, encouraging news, Ella. Definetly treat yourself....but I'd go for the dark chocolate :)

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