Well I went to hospital and my nurse agreed to put me on rituximab .i just have to wait for finding and an infusion date . I'm so happy as I'm banking on this to work .Please God it does .

My work has semi agreed to allow me to work on the ground for a temporary period until I'm fit to fly again .I was so worried about all this as I was due to stop being paid next month .

Finally I can see some light .im going to hold off applying for pip etc as hopefully I'll be back to some normality soon .

Thanks to everybody who encouraged me with their replies to my previous post

Onwards and upwards you lovely people :-))

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  • I have been on a year and I can honestly say it has worked so well! I get the occasional flare but I can do a bit more now than I could . Very pleased with it , it takes A full day but only every six months , so I get a movie on my iPad and relax!!

  • I'm really banking on this as everything else has failed .Did not think I would be like this when I was first diagnosed 2 years ago .Guess I was in denial because pain wasn't too bad and I was still able to continue with work .This year , for me has been a nightmare

  • I can only second what Allanah has said, after trying many medication Rituximab is the only thing that has worked, I'm entirely not pain/symptom free but I never expected to be as I already had damage, the first infusion didn't work as well but again this seems to be fairly common! Everyone has a different experience but the majority of feedback is that it works after all has failed! Wishing you loads of luck with it...let us know how you get on. 😊

  • Thank you so much x

  • Good luck with the rituximab. I must mention to you that you do need to be patient. My first infusion took three and a half months before I felt any benefit, but when it happened it was great. It makes a huge difference to me. Every subsequent infusion has taken less time than the one before.

  • Oh I do hope so .fingers crossed :-)

  • Hi,I somehow keep getting posts from this site&couldn't think why as I don't have RA...but then I realised it was cos of the rituximab...I have a very rare autoimmune disease affecting my pancreas &kidneys&have bad asthma too-possibly not asthma but connected to AI stuff.Anyhow, I too am also waiting for ritux other than it's not licenced yet to treat my particular illness so Drs are having to go through a complicated process for me to get it.They're hoping it will stop my body attacking itself.

    Glad some of you are finding it helpful. I too am worried like some of you about the side affects.Anyway,I have appreciated reading your posts about it!


  • Hi Dee ...from what I've read there are very few side effects from this drug .

    Good Luck !

  • Great news. x

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