Fluid on knee - update

Hi, well I saw my Rheumy Specialist Nurse yesterday hoping she would drain the fluid from my knee. We had a good talk about how I have been feeling and she did the check of my joints. She agreed that the Sulfasalazine is not controlling the inflammation adequately enough and went to speak with the Consultant about my knee as she thinks that further investigation is needed, she doesn't think it is just fluid causing the problems and agreed my knee is very swollen. I have lumps starting on some of the top joints on my fingers and she said this is more likely to be osteo-arthritis rather than rheumatoid. The Consultant sent me for another blood test to check my CRP level, don't' know what that means though. I have to go back again next Thursday to have a steroid injection into my knee and elbow and if the Consultant thinks it will help they will drain my knee and then consider if anything further needs to be done. As I can't tolerate more than four Sulfasalazine tablets a day it has been decided it is time to add in Methotrexate, they will also discuss this on Thursday and explain what I need to be aware of and how to take it, I don't know what dose I will be starting on yet. I didn't want any more medication adding but I know this is the way for most people in order to get the disease controlled, so will take their advice and hope for a good result. I also have to wait for an appointment to restart Physio and see an Occupational Therapist who may be able to offer joint protection as my wrist is painful and you can see a lump coming up, she thought this might be caused by using the stick which I have been using for about 2 weeks. I will also get advice on things that may help me at home/work. The appointment went well and I felt that I was really being listened to, not at all rushed as can sometimes be the case when they are so busy. So next week I should get some relief with the steroid injections and I will prepare myself mentally for the next round of new meds. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice, hope you are feeling ok.

Best wishes.

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  • Good luck with all this. I have found that OTs ate really helpful too and give you a lot of really good information.

  • I had fluid removed from my knee over a year ago and the rheumatologist also put a steroid shot in the knee after she drew the flu off. I have not had any problems with my knee since then. She sent the fluid in to test for gout, it was negative for gout. Good luck.

  • I had a swollen knee with repeated fluid drain and steroid injections which worked temporarily. I eventually had an MRI to see if there was another problem other than RA which there wasn't. I had resisted going onto MTX for several years due to concerns about side effects and reluctantly agreed to try it. I haven't had a swollen knee since then ( 2012) and my RA is now in remission :)

  • Brilliant to hear that, thank you.

  • CRP is used as a guide to inflammation levels. If you have the knee drained and injected try to plan not to do anything (well as little as possible) for the rest of Thursday and the next day to give the steroid chance to stay around the joint and work. Rest, elevate and ice - sometimes the steriod can cause an increase in pain for a short while before calming down. Farm

  • Thank you. I think I will take Friday as a flexi leave day so I can take it easy and not worry about having to get to work. Thanks for explaining CRP. Enjoy your day. I have just put shopping away and going to sit out and enjoy the sunshine this afternoon. X

  • Hello Happygranny, How is the knee feeling? I am betting that you are most grateful to not have pain when moving your leg to get in and out of bed or to even turn over. It's excellent to feel like you have a brand new knee without surgery.. isn't it? lol Now if only it would last. =)

  • Hi Yikes 2

    I saw the Rheumy Nurse last Thursday and I have to go back this coming Thursday to 'hopefully' have the knee drained and a steroid injection into it. She thinks there could be more going on than fluid build up so I have to see the Consultant first to see what he thinks, may need further investigation. Also most likely starting Methotrexate next week, alongside my Sulfasalazine, again to be confirmed with Consultant. So hope to get sorted next week, can't wait as I don't feel good today. I posted an update if you missed it. Thanks for asking, helps to know others are thinking of us whilst dealing with their own issues, Hope you are having a good day.

    Best wishes.

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