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Hi All

So am 31 and was diagnosed as having RA about 2 months ago. Am seropositive and anti CCP positive. Was having a really bad time and was having time off work cause some days struggled to even pick up a glass and my knees, feet and ankles were so painful couldn't walk far. Then started attacking shoulders, neck and back I was a bit of a mess tbh and was so frustrated as hate things getting better of me. So as soon as I got diagnosis made me feel better that I wasn't just some odd person with achy body lol. From the off apart from when pain so bad and had a bit of a cry and was annoyed I was actually quite positive. My mum actually took it worse than I did! My thoughts were I've got it, there's no cure rather than feel sad embrace it and start fighting it head on but doing what I can. I've started walking for an hour everyday after work with my dog. Even when I'm wincing and on verge of tears I'll hobble along. Changed diet completely not eating junk, eating red and black fruits galore and drinking pomegranate juice. Started my cocktail of medication 8 weeks ago. Now although still get pain aches and stiffness it's bearable rather than crippling. I even have been doing gardening yesterday and today and last time did that couldn't even pick up a cup or hardly walk. Even tiredness that finding most difficult I push myself cause I won't give in and I'm stubborn lol! I know that some of the people have irreversible damage and is suffering 24/7 so this probably wouldn't be of any use, but for the newly diagnosed or ones still in early stages just wanted to let you know there is hope. Staying positive I think is key as helps psychologically and don't let it get the better of you! Live every day to the full and figure out your limits and walk and keep healthy! If I can help just one person me sharing this than I would be ecstatic. Stay well all!! :)

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  • Hi Tara

    Thanks so much for sharing that. I too am recently diagnosed with RA and trying my best to stay positive. I just started on mtx last week and am hopeful it will work. Have been feeling progressively better the last two weeks but like you there was a time I couldn't hold a cup or walk or get out of a chair unaided so although I'm still getting some pains...Shoulders and wrists mainly I'm at least completely mobile now but it's hard trying to find the balance of doing enough but not too much. I intend to get walking this week. I found on a recent trip to a shopping mall by myself it dawned on me that I hadn't walked or been anywhere outside on my own since this all started almost 3 months ago (had mum or sister with me mostly) and felt a bit panicky. So I'm determined to tackle that this week as need to get walking whilst I can.

    I haven't looked too much into diet yet but will obviously need to so would be interested to hear what has worked for you.

    Thanks again for your positive post.

    Keep well

    Sharon ☺

  • Hi

    No problem at all :) tbh when I was first told I had RA I didn't know much about it and just thought was some sort of arthritis because of the name and didn't quite realised it was an immune thing and chronic and all these horrible things that come with it. Then started to hear about heart problems and lung problems and was like ohhhh okay quite a bit more serious then what I first thought lol. The arthritis bit is a bit misleading because it isn't really just causes it. I'm quite stubborn and don't like things getting the better of me so just have a positive outset because can't change it can't get rid of it so just fight it full on. I do think the red and black fruits are really good and pomegranate juice which I have been drinking. (Has natural anti inflammotries) just eat more fruit and veg cut out all the rubbish. I really like this forum everyone is so nice and it's nice to talk to people that understand. Because people initially think cause you don't look ill can't be that bad. They have no idea what's going on in the inside of our bodies, especially the tiredness which is overwhelming. Just have to take each day as it comes and stay positive. The walking does help I promise! Sometimes my knees and feet are so sore which could easily succumb too but I think NO if I gotta hobble down the road so be it because won't let it control my life. Stay strong will get there :) x

  • Hi again. Yea I thought RA was just 'dodgy joints' really surprised and scared to see that there was so much more to it. So whilst I was really relieved to finally get diagnosed it was quickly followed with panic. Anyway that's subsided now largely with the help of everyone here. So like you I'm now determined to meet this disease head on one day at a time .

    Walk scheduled in for tomorrow morning..And fruit shopping after that!

    Lots.of luck to you ☺

  • I know bizarre isn't it! I'm a smoker too high isn't good :( am going to give up by end of the year am determined :). Good on you girl :) you may find to start with the joints do sometimes stiffen up after the exercising but if perceiver and start doing it regularly it does get easier. Also one thing I've been doing is when I feel I'm getting to the achy stuff point I run a very very hot bath and add some Epsom salt! Epsom salt in baths have very good affects and helps muscles etc to relax. I usually have the bath so hot I come out looking like a lobster lol but does work

  • Would you believe I have phone in one hand cigarette in the other whilst almost finished Allen Carr stop smoking book. Today is my day to become a non smoker!! Been counting down for a week or so and my brother is coming to stay for a few days next week and he is on day 4. We'll either be a great support for each other or there will be blood shed!!


  • Very best of luck with that shazz! I'm using a vapourisor to try to stop - it's a process!!

  • I've been trying that for every other cigarette then keep forgetting about it! Ooooooppppssss lol

  • I cannot deny it's a challenge!


  • It is indeed :( I went 14 hours without one no problem when went to California in Jan but as soon as I saw that door when I knew I could have a ciggie I was suddenly gasping for one :o lol

  • It really is one of the hardest addictions to break . It's not even the nicotine withdrawal - which is nothing. It's the association isn't it? The phone rings, I have one. A cuppa , I have one. I eat something , I have one ........

    And on it goes!!!

  • Yea I smoke the mildest cigarettes on the market but it's the emotional dependency on them I have that keeps me hooked. Tried all sorts of nicotine replacement products to no avail hence trying the book now. Fingers and toes crossed I do it this time .

  • It certainly is. Also everything is blamed on smoking these days! You break a bone and it's because you smoke. You have sore foot and it's cause you smoke. I get bad for us but crikey lol especially RA because I haven't got it in my family they have put it down to smoking, despite there being no actual Evidence of this it's just the easiest thing to blame because they don't know lol

  • Thanks Marie...It's so hard isn't it. I've had a vaporiser for months too but like Tara I keep forgetting about it! Best of luck to you with yours...Keep at it. ☺

  • Will do/ though I'm texting this with fag in hand!

  • Hahaha I love the almost finished with stop smoking book and a cigarette in one hand :) oh blimey good luck :)

  • Hi Tara

    Thanks for your positive post. I'm also recently diagnosed with RA and put my first question on the forum this morning. I've had fab replies which has really given me a boost and your post has just given me a bit more positivity

    Thanks 😀

  • Hi no problem at all :) if can help at all I want to share :) It's lovely this forum isn't it everyone is so lovely and helpful :) stick with it it's all about what's right for you. I've done so much research on it it's crazy so been trying literally everything and then slowly realising which things work and which things don't. Don't let it control you and. Control it instead. I do believe having a positive outlook can help and not let it get you down in the dumps. Stay strong will get there :)

  • That's what I have done I'm afraid, caused myself anxiety over everything!! But after reading all these posts today I'm gonna be more positive and not let stuff get the better of me 😀 Also going to look at my diet.

    Thanks again

  • It's easy done though, and anxiety can sometimes cause more flare ups as well as feeling down. The mind is scary but clever it can trick you into thinking about all the bad stuff. What I tend to do is try turn negatives into positives. Just silly things like I laugh at myself about some of the things rather than feel sad. Or when I do have a hobbling around day I'll make a joke of it cause laughter and positiveness makes it easier to deal with I find. I was also saying to Shazz above that when I feel my joints getting really achy run a hot bath and shove a load of Epsom salt in helps relax. Diet is good thing to do. So many fruits and veg have natural anti inflammotries so worth looking into :)

    Your most welcome :)

  • Thank you again, really grateful for advice

    Sue 🙂

  • Most welcome :) keep me updated how you get on :)

  • Hi Tara! Sometimes it's good to just relax for a few days and not worry about anything. Don't put any pressure on yourself to "do more" or "walk further". Just try to calm your whole body.....maybe a few days of this will help with the anxiety, and the pain? It worked for me. Just sayin......

    Welcome aboard!


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