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painful leg

I have been having a lot of pain with my knee/leg left one. from half way down from my left thigh to just passed my knee I have been in a lot of pain, nothing seems to ease it, be it heat, cold, pain killers. my knee feels like its swelling up and after I have been at work on my feet for 7 or so hours I have to lay down and the tiredness is unreal! I cannot walk up the stairs on my left leg or put my full weight on it, going downstairs is easier. I am limping when I walk and sometimes its unbearable and it wakes me up when am in bed. I just do not know what to do with my leg at bed time as there seems to be no relief from the pain. now at the moment the pain has moved up my leg to the top of my thigh, thanks for listening, just wanted to let off steam.

hope you are all keeping well

Carol x

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I feel for you in so much pain.

I'm not sure but the way you describe your symptoms sounds like you have sciatica it is the 👿 Devil Of a pain. I am suffering the same at this very minute - very difficult to control I have got up and put my tens machine on haven't used for a time. It does help up to a point.

I think you need a visit to your doctor to confirm.

Im wishing you luck that the pain will go as fast as it came. If it is sciatica there are a few gentle exercises you can do to free the sciatic nerve.

Take care

Jen x


Carol it seems to me they need to get you back on stronger meds again, i see you were on mtx before and were obviously winning the tug of war that goes on with RA so they reduced the meds you were on, it now seems the pull against you is stronger and you need urgently reviewing and help, at least short term until you regain some benefits would it not be worth asking your GP for something stronger for example Tramadol to at least allow you some respite from the pain?. The pain associated with RA can be so exhausting in itself and its not what some consider "positive pain" where for example you have a sprain or a bad back and your body is saying dont push past this point to prevent you doing damage so the pain has a "benefit" with RA its damage and inflamation that causes you pain and its less related to how gentle you are or otherwise. Thats a poor generalisation for me to use but im sure you will get my meaning. I do hope you get some relief and positive improvements soon.


I really feel for you as I am having similar problems. Mine started with my knee swelling up and I couldn't walk properly. I had it drained and a steroid injected and that helped for less than 2 weeks. Now my ankle and foot have swollen up and because of the way I walk my hip keeps giving way. I spoke to my rheumatologist nurse yesterday and she couldn't help. I am seeing my Dr tomorrow but as I spoke to her on the phone about it I don't expect her to do anything either. I feel no one cares at all. Have you thought of a chiropractor? They are very good. I have seen one for some time as he helps my shoulders. If yours is a nerve type thing that is what they are best at. I just told mine from the start he wasn't going to do the neck cracking I have heard of and he never has.


Could be femoral nerve pain from something touching the nerve in your back. When I had that I couldn't walk without pain and a couple of yards I had to sit. I had an MRI requested by my Rheumy. Have a word with them and see what they say. Good luck x medication and exercise helped me so do try.


I go to see a sensible osteopath when I get nerve root pain like this. She is very good at sorting out from my symptoms and signs what is inflammatory and what mechanical. If it's mechanical pressure on the nerve, which is what yours sounds like, she can manipulate to relieve it. If she thinks it's inflammatory, she advises me to see the rheumy team - and I have heard her doing so with other patients.


Hi Carolsos, on an MRI I had six discs prolapsed in my lower back and they could not operate. They gave me this hideous lumbar support thing, which really hurts to wear, but it takes the pressure off my spine and I get the use of my legs back from it, for a few weeks, after wearing it for two weeks. I've got arthritis in all my other joints but nothing hurts like trapped nerves in your spine and you cannot stand for long. I don't know how you stand all that time at work. Carry on at your doctor and tell him you cannot stand for seven hours a day like that. You need an MRI Scan and a bit of bed rest. Tell us how you get on, regards,


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