Pain on left side waist area

Hi! I wonder if anyone can relate to this. I have been suffering from RA (Sero Neg) for about 6 years. After 4 years of trying all the usual meds with no success I have for the past 2 years been on Tocilizamab and my obvious RA symptoms are in remission. However it has left me with lots of other pain related symptoms like Trochanteric Bursitis (both hips) and undiagnosed but mentioned Fibromyalgia. However the latest annoyance (and pain) is in my left side. Started the beginning of Jan as a sharp excruciating pain, just under the rib cage on my left side, on getting out of bed and starting to straighten myself up. After I'd hobbled to the loo and back it would be gone and as long as I was upright didn't bother me all day. Then it started to change, moved to around my waist area (still just on the left side) Mentioned it to my physio (for the bursitis) and she did all sorts of stretching movements which didn't affect it and she said it wasn't Muscular skeletal and to go and see my GP. During the three weeks waiting for an appointment it got worse. Aware of it most of the time, although more obvious getting out of bed and now on movement in bed I'm getting a sharp pain down from my waist to hip and thigh. However it is duller and spreading down to my groin on getting out of bed and like a sharp muscle roll from time to time in bed and when sat.

Saw GP who prodded around and said it wasn't internal and has referred me to orthopaedics, and I'm now waiting for an a appointment there. Any ideas anyone I'm desperate to relieve this? Tried taking NSAIDs before bed but they've worn off by the time I'm getting up

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  • Did the doctor check for kidney stones?

  • Hi Simba1992. No she didn't other than prodding all around. She did ask if I thought it was relieved by passing urine which I don't think has any connection. Don't think it's that though as I don't have any of the other related symptoms and it is specific to lying down and getting up and I'd think that the pain from that would be at any time. Thanks for getting back to me 😃

  • What about the pancreas? Did you have it examined? Often pain when lying down. Just another thought😊

  • No doesn't fit that either. I'm a retired nurse so been through all sorts 😃 Pretty sure it's muscular skeletal as now can be related to leg movement just don't know how to rid it.

  • Not easy😊Hope you find a Doc who can help you understan what it is about, soon.

  • Thank you. That would be nice

  • Ask your GP for an ultrasound, they can tell quite a lot from them. Good luck. X

  • Thanks. I think that might be the next step

  • Hi Lynnels,

    Yes, I experienced something similar for 3-4 years and despite investigations the answer has eluded me. I was told that it might be IBS or related, so I varied my diet and worked through it by trial and error. As for medication, I found it was often helped by a homeopathic spray called 'IBS Relief' by Martin & Pleasance. The problem hasn't gone completely but I'm a lot better now (at least I can sleep)!

  • Thanks for that. I do have a problematic stomach but this doesn't seem to relate to it. Might try the sparky though, so thanks.

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