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Is this to do with the RA?

Morning everyone, Well i went to work on Tuesday and pop to town yesterday, when i got home i started getting a rotten pain running down the right hand side of my right leg starting from my knee, I don't know if i have over done it or pulled a muscle or ligament it seems to only hurt more when i walk on it, I also seem to getting a digging pain in the left hand side of my back, i am also a bit sore this morning in my arms and wrist, so could this be the starting of a big flare or could i have just over done it with work etc, I am going to be so disappointed if i have to call my boss later and tell him to try and get cover for me tomorrow, It just isn't fair,

Should i bother the nurse or just give it a couple of days and have complete rest and see how i go, Thanks XX

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Hi there,

I'd say both - nurse & rest. The things you describe sound like what happens to me when I dare to do lots! Quite apart from anything else RA makes us use our muscles a bit awkwardly which I think often explains back pain, for me anyway.

But when you are trying to work you deserve all the help available & probably best to phone the nurse just in case anyway.

Hope the pain eases up soon,

Luce x


Hi Shirl, It sounds to me as if you have overdone it slightly coupled with a bit of a flare up. Get plenty of rest today, put your feet up and see how you feel later on. Take some painkillers as well and have a word with the nurse as Woolly suggests.

I am sure your boss will understand - you can't help being ill. I assume he knows you have RA? If he does, then he is legally obliged to make allowances for you.

Mainly, don't push yourself - it will just make everything worse. Better to rest for a couple of days now rather than have to take weeks off next time!

LavendarLady x


Think dotn feel guilty IF you are bad dont go in ? x


Thanks, I have had to ring in sick for tomorrow, i feel really bad as you know i have only been back a week, they have said they will get cover for me, This is the reason i didn't want to go back on to many hours, If i do feel better tomorrow i will ring to see if they were able to get someone, if not i will try to go in, i could just sit on the till for a couple of hours instead, I'm taking plenty of painkillers and resting today, I did get really depressed earlier as i so want to continue doing something and even thou my boss has been great i hate letting him down, I hate it rotten Ra for making me feel like this xxxx


I am in pain after a weekend away in Krakow. We walked quite a lot, but slowly rather than my normal exercise walk which is faster. I now have bad back on right side (like you) and painful knee and left calf muscle. I think it is because of the RA, if I walk slow I tend to 'roll' as I walk, like a sailor on land lol. so it throws all my muscles and tendons out of sync. That's my theory anyway. So for any muscle pain I use the sport therapy R.I.C.E technique. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Hope you feel better soon..Keepp taking the pills :-)) xx


i ve been riceing!! sprained ankle.. stick is v well used at moment x


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