Still feel rough

Still feel rough

Well i am now on third day of antibiotics and still don't feel well or  not as well as i had hoped for. My eyes this morning look as if i had been hit more than once in a round of boxing. They are so sore and itchy as well. I don't know if it is because of sjorgen or what i have so many diseases it is getting silly now. I feel so exhausted these days and it doesn't look like it is easing up at all. I haven't been out since Friday when i was at the drs,but i have to go to the hospital this morning for an ultrasound on my hands to see whats going on in there. My friend is in coronary car ward and i can't visit her,but huby will pop in and see her while i am having the ultrasound. I am so fed up it is unbelievable,so bear with me while i have a pity party today.xxxxx

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  • Hi sylvi sorry your still feeling poorly I can relate to your eyes I look like a panda I just scared the sainsburys delivery man :-) ive got sore and itchy eyes I may have to sit on my hands to stop me rubbing them! I hope you feel better soon hugs xxxxx

  • Thank you darling.xxxx

  • Morning Sylvi. Well, what are we going to do, I'm so sorry you don't feel your antibiotics are helping but maybe they'll kick in? I hope the visit to hospital doesn't take too much out of you, they don't have you put your hands in any painful positions & that your h finds your friend comfortable. Rest up this afternoon, I was hoping to plant up some dianthus today whilst my h takes his dad to the airport but if the weather's still as it is now I don't think I'll get in the garden, hopefully it's nicer where you are. x

  • So sorry to hear you're still so poorly. Hope you're feeling tons better very soon.

     I do enjoy your beautiful photos, many thanks for cheering us up with them so regularly!

  • Thank you ladies  i do try to cheer every one up with my photos. It is sunny and windy here this morning and i have two lines of washing out.xxxx

  • I didn't see you were poorly, big hugs xx 

  • Sadly i am darling and i have just got back from an ultrasound on my hands whereby he said they had got

  • Oh no , not so good X 

  • Sylvi, maybe your itchy eyes are being caused by hay fever? I had bronchitis a little while ago and my doctor prescribed Tavanac ( I think that's what it's called - a once a day antibiotic for 5 days) and I started to feel better on the 3rd day. I'm in Saudi Arabia at the moment and have never been prescribed that in the UK. My husband was also prescribed it last year when he got typhoid. It works a treat and I didn't even get thrush ( which I usually do when I take antibiotics!) Hope you start to feel better soon. Clemmie x

  • Sorry you're still under the weather  Sylvi.Hope the antibiotics start to work soon and that you will be on the mend.The news from the ultrasound was not what you wanted to hear either,but I hope there is something they can do to help you with that.

    Rest up and take care,hope you're feeling better soon.



  • Oh you are having a really tough time of it at the moment. Should you contact your GP just in case the antibiotics are not suitable.? 

    I really hope you pick up

  • Morning Sylvi sorry your not feeling better yet. I am no better either so going to GP today. I might come to your pity party later xxx


  • Your welcome to join me darling.xxxx

  • Every so often its good to feel a little sorry for yourself and have a few treats and be kind to yourself-and then in the good old british way keep on keeping on!!! I do hope you feel better soon

  • Thank you

  • Hi Sylvi. Just wondered how you were feeling now. Is your chest infection any better. I have had a terrible week and now 6 days on antibiotics still no better. It doesn't help that I have asthma I suppose.  I have had this horrendous cough which actually makes me wretch. My inhalers don't seem to be helping much either. If this is no better on Monday I think I will have to go back to GP.  On top of all this I have 2 appointments for next month to have injections under ultra sound I both of my wrists.  It just seems to go on & on. Anyway hope you are much improved. Have a lovely weekend xx


  • Have had an ultrasound on my hands last week too. I am over the worst of my infection and today i am feeling the best i have felt for weeks.xxxxx

  • I am pleased to hear that.  How did the US go ? I had one almost a year ago but ha had no improvement since being on the meds. No looking forward to the injections tho !!! xx

  • There is more swelling than the last time i had it

  • Hope you had a good weekend, now the weather in the UK is nice, it might help. Love the flowers too, very pretty.

  • I have thank you darling so much soi have rather over done it a bit. At the start of the weekend i started painting one of the fences round the garden and i got one complete side done. Then yesterday i started on the other side with the shed on it. I got one panel done and then i started on the shed and it took me a while to do and then i did the bird table and i stopped and i didn't do anymore for the rest of the day. I am sore today ,but i know why i am sore which is different. I know i shouldn't do these things,but my hubby does so much for me and my garden is my haven and i love being in it even if it is not very big.xxxxx

  • I know, you tend to get into a job and then by the end of the day you think, oops, done too much. We are always over compensating to try to make it up to partners who do things for us. At least your hubby sounds like he looks after you. From being independent, to relying on people sometimes is hard, and makes one feel more determined to carry on as per, even though we really should rest. I call it RA guilt!

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