I still feel so blooming ill from this pneumonia........

I still feel so blooming ill from this pneumonia........

Here i am nearly five weeks after seeing a dr. ref; a chest infection to three lots of antibiotics and a course of steroids and i still don't feel well,in fact i feel b""""y poorly. I know this is going to take a good while to recover from this,not what i wanted at the beginning of the winter season. It has now gone to pneumonia and any wonder i feel so ill. It has been 15yrs since i felt like this and the following year i came down with RA. I am so so tired i am not getting five hours sleep a night at the moment. All i want to do is cry because i am so tired,exhausted etc etc etc.xxxxx

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  • You poor thing. It just isn't fair that you should go on suffering like this๐Ÿ˜กMy thoughts are with you and hope that bug will give up soon. xxSimba

  • Really sorry to hear this Sylvi- you've really been through the mill. I wish abs hope that things begin to turn a corner for you soon.

    Ominous photo - lovely as it is x

  • I never thought about it like that, no i am not foreseeing my death.LOL.xxxx

  • Neither am I! I foresee you feeling better, hopefully soon x

  • That would be a nice thought.xxxxx

  • Thinking of you Sylvi. xx

  • Aw Sylvi, what a nightmare you going thru. My eldest daughter who suffers lupus/RA was very ill last year, she had very bad chest infection which turned to pneumonia. She had antibiotic after antibiotic etc but was not admitted into hospital and I think she should have been. Of course she had to stop her RA drugs so had the flare from hell. It took six months to get rid of her awful cough and breathing problems. She had pneumonia jab with her flu jab last week. The pneumonia one supposed to last for life apparently, as when I had my flu jab two weeks ago I was told I don't need pneumonia jab as I had it 10 yrs ago. It would be interesting to hear if you've ever had pneumonia jab as if you have then it's scary to think you can still get pneumonia. With messed up immune systems like we suffer with RA etc. It's really hard to shake infections off, it's another horrible dimension to our lives and of course the drugs we have to take to suppress our immune system don't help in that respect either.

    Your graveyard picture has given me the creeps Sylvi !! It's so not you, I'm so used to seeing your lovely flowers etc. ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

    Sending love and hugs Sylvi and hoping you turn that corner soon and start to feel better xxxxx ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  • I have had the pneumonia jab darling. I have had more than one chest infection this year culminating in this bout, i have never felt so ill in such a long time. I thought it was a nice photo of a sunny day and i go past here every time i go up the village.xxxxx

  • Well that's scary Sylvi, so that means the pneumonia jab does not protect us after all ?? Your picture is nice, but bit depressing, specially bearing in mind how poorly you are feeling !! Your lovely flowery ones are a big pick-me-up, and always cheer me up. Xxxxx

  • I'll do better next time darling.lol.xxxxx

  • ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

  • I had a feeling the pneumonia jab would not offer much protection for people with an auto immune disease. I had my jab about 10 years ago and wonder if there's much point having a booster - that's if they'll give me one. Been lucky with chest infections so far, but have recently been diagnosed with RA related lung damage, so am probably at more risk now.

    Infections can be a very serious problem for us lot with compromised immune systems as I'm in the process of finding out. Combine that with increasing antibiotic resistance and the outlook isn't particularly bright is it!?

    Time for the government and drug companies to stop talking the talk, which they've been doing for a few years now, and get cracking on finding some new antibiotics.

  • If it helps Lyndlou, the type of pneumonia vaccine that's recommended for us, Pneumovax, works by encouraging our bodies to produce antibodies to fight pneumococcal bacteria. It's also recommended we have the flu vaccine not only to cover us against the most virrulent forms that year but also to protect us against the possibly of pneumonia as flu weakens the body so that in turn could leaves us at greater risk of pneumonia. There are about 10 forms that cause the most serious illness but it's still effective up to 70% of the time. Also, the theory is if you do get pneumonia it won't be as severe, though I'm not sold on that if you're unfortunate enough to contract one of the more serious forms, something you've no control over. I think all you can do is weigh up the pro's & con's. I've had the jab, as was recommended prior to starting leflunomide.

  • Nomoreheals - thanks for that and making subject of pneumonia jab bit clearer. I had my jab - must be about 11 yrs ago but no ones ever mentioned a booster, can you advise on whether it's needed ?? I had my flu jab 2 weeks ago, nurse was telling me they are expecting a really awful flu virus this year so I was grateful to have it. Poor Sylvi is really struggling, just shows how hard it is for those of us with difficult immune systems to shake off bad chests and colds. Xxxx

  • According to the NHS Choices site just the one jab should protect those aged 65 or over for life. What's not as clear is those with a long term health condition may need just a single one-off pneumococcal vaccination or five-yearly vaccination, depending on their underlying health problem. It states if your spleen doesn't work properly or if you have a chronic kidney condition you may need a booster jab every 5 years. I would think if you have an underlying health condition, that is apart from the long term health condition that qualified you for the Pneumovax, & needed a booster jab you'd be re-called but it won't harm to ask the next time you see your GP.

    Poor Sylvi, she must be so fed up, it's never ending for her isn't it. It's not surprising she's exhausted, I do hope it's knocked on the head & quickly.

  • Hi. I have no underlying issue yet my specialist said all his RA patients should have it every 5 yrs. I must admit I went to have my flu jab when I was due the pneumonia 5yr one and the senior triage nurse at my drs told me we have to justify giving you it again and as far as I can see your immune system doesnt warrent it so it was 7 yrs later after she left and more letter writin from rheumatoid nurses they apologised and gave it to me.Each to their own I would imagine. From what I am reading

    On jere worth a mention

  • I'd follow a Rheumy's recommendation, my thoughts are it must depend on how reduced your immune system is with the meds & your estimated chances of fighting pneumonia or a bad case of the flu, he's the one who ought to know. Either that or it's a blanket recommendation. Maybe if you request he puts it in writing to GP?

  • hi the pneumonia jab I had was a life time one you should enquire about it xx

  • I have had one in the past and i believe hubby is going to ring the drs for a visit and if i get a visit i will ask about a fresh jab.xxxxx

  • Morning Sylvi.

    You are really in the wars again arent you ?

    You really need to get this pneumonia thing well and truly licked before winter gets fully set in or you will be troubled by this for months and you dont want that.

    I know you keep battling on and dont let the condition overcome you,but you really need to listen to,your body now and rest totally,no messing about in the garden or in the shops. I know what youre like.So put yourself out of action for a couple of weeks,get this cleared up and start the winter season reasonably well armed to fight off anything else coming your way.

    Also just make sure you don't get too many visitors ,as they too are tiring.especially those with sniffles etc )!.As well meaning as they are,they can spread something small to you and it develops into something bigger and worse.

    Please take care of yourself,stay warm and rest up.



    Ps hadnt really given much thought to the content of the picture just thought it was a nice scene .

  • I have gone and got into my pjs and dressing gown and i will be going upstairs soon as bed is the only place i seem to feel brighter.xxxx

  • Good on you Sylvi.Put an out of order sign on your door !

    Hoping for an improvement by the weekend.



  • Really sorry to hear you are feeling unwell.

    I've had a cough since June. I'm on my 4th lot of antibiotics.

    Taken the last 2 days off work. Now part-time so next due to work on Monday. Hopefully should start to feel better.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery xxxx

    Matilda x

  • Keep warm and hope things improve soon Sylvi, sending hugs xxx

  • I know it's not easy for you Sylvi, as you are one of life's wonderful get up & doers....but the time has come to think of yourself & your wonderful hubby.

    Stop feeling you must "hurry up & get well."..settle down with your magazines & your colouring books & look forward to what you will do when you are stronger.

    Being anxious & tense will not hasten your recovery!

    I learned that lesson late in life & I now just go with the flow...if it can't do something today.......maybe I will be able to tomorrow....or next week!

    You don't want to worry yourself into that photo do you?

    Get fit soon!


  • Poor Sylvi!

    You really must stay in bed ! I know how it is to sit in bed and feel like the world is passing you by! BUT that is the only way to fight this pneumonia! You always here people say "I am not going to take this lying down!" Lol I say "You know, I am going to go home and take this lying down!" Once people figure out what I've said they laugh and shake their heads!

    Have you tried vaporub yet? My fiance knows I'm feeling yuck when I come to bed reeking of Vick's!

    Hope you get to feeling better, autumn is such a beautiful season to explore!

  • Are you still being kept up through the night because of your cough Sylvi? Might sound a bit off the wall, but have you tried rubbing Vicks onto the soles of your feet, then putting socks on before you go to sleep?! That's meant to stop you coughing through the night! x

  • I will certainly give that a go,i did sleep better last night. I had a coughing fit before i settled down and when i got up this morning.xxxx

  • Oh bless you Sylvie, darling. I do hope you rest up and get well soon. Let someone else do the needful and concentrate on you. Huge hugs


  • So sorry to read this Sylvi, hope your soon on the mend. Husband had it several years ago, it takes time to get over it. Sending gentle hugs. xx

  • Get a sputum test done as I had 9 lots of antibiotics this past year and 7 chest x rays it was not pneumonia it was worse MRSA in the lungs. I have to have a ct scan next week and 3 months more antibiotics all the previous ones I had damped it down but did not kill the bug off ; now its with steroid's to boost the antibiotics. MRSA is resistant to most antibiotics and its vital to know which bug it is, it was my RA nurse who advised me to get it checked and the GP did so which lead to panicky phone calls etc. It might have set of ILD is the main worry now.

    the jab only stops viral not bacterial pneumonia as far as I am aware.

  • Aww Hun sending big hugs & cuddles xxx

  • Oh Sylvi, you are a ray of sunshine who is as tough as nails. No pneumonia is going to pull you down!!! Have a good cry and take your meds. You will survive this. How do I know that you will survive this?......Well, you are the lady with the crazy hair. You ate milk & yogurt for 2 weeks before your past surgery. You have a shovel (lol) Any yogurt eating, pink & blue haired woman wielding a shovel will always win in the end....You are Sylvi, the Warrior Princess!!....So change your photo of the graves into

    Sylvi The Warrior Princess


  • Aww darling that is so lovely of you to make me smile first thing in the morning thank you .xxxxx

  • Oh my goodness she looks a real warrior. Thank you for showing me that and i have saved her.xxxx

  • Hang in there as you have been. I am sorry you are going through all this. Keep doing what the doctor ordered, keep breathing and stay encouraged my friend.

  • My heart goes out to you my love .i feel so sorry for you .bope you are feeling better soon xx

  • WOW what can i say to all those lovely comments, i am still fighting,but god it is hard and i think hubby is going to ask for a visit from the dr today as i am still not right even now,though the there is a load of junk coming off my chest. I think i will end up having a chest x-ray to see what the hell is going on.

    Thank you all from the bottom of my congested heart and chest!!!!! lol.xxxxxx

  • ๐Ÿ˜˜xx

  • Aww wishing you better soon Sylvi. Insist on a chest X-ray and do try putting Vick on your feet as it does help a little. Let's hope you're on the mend quickly ๐ŸŒธ

  • You poor darling Sylvi my thoughts are with u. Am going t docs this morning i have had loosy cold which is now on chest hope t get antibiotics bug hugs xxx

  • Hi, I really do sympathise with you, I had an X-ray done before I went on holiday, they said they wud call me if anything abnormal. Didn't get the call so I thought everything was OK, I had pneumonia last year and this illness I have felt the same as last time, been in bed sleeping most of holiday, no antibiotics. I have been sick every other day, don't know if it's pneumonia or the meds I'm on. I then got a call to confirm my attendance of a cat scan, great, I had to cancel it but they have rescheduled it for first day back. Now I'm worried what he has seen this time. Had also pneumonitis last year and was in hospital for 2 weeks, but I feel it's pneumonia again I feel so bad. Just want to go home, haven't ate much and have halved my meds as I'm sure my stomach can't handle them. Rant over. I hope we both feel better very soon. Take care xx

  • Oh my darling i so know how that feels to be on holiday and be ill as i have had this since the end of August and i went away with antibiotics in September too. Hubby has rang the surgery and scheduled a visit from the dr later on today,they have said they will ring beforehand.xxxx

  • Apologies if this is a bit gross, but make sure you spit out any gunk that comes up out of your chest, and make sure you don't swallow it again. Am sure you'll be doing this already. Take care. x

  • I am darling.xx

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