Another rough day and three sleepless nights

Another rough day and three sleepless nights

As you can see by my heading i haven't slept properly for three nights in a row. As each day goes on i feel worse. Today has been the worst. My feet have been on fire all day and they are hot to touch as well. My hands are the same and by tonight they are so sore i can hardly type with my right hand. I am so tired and exhausted it is unbelievable. My eyes look awful and dark and i will soon be in bed watching the telly.

I don't know which is causing my problems as i have three diseases ravaging my body. I pray i sleep tonight. Hugs to you all.

The photo was taken in my close the other day when it was sunny.xxxx

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  • Big hug on it's way. Hope you have some sleep tonight. Have to say fatigue seems to be giving me some bashing. Rock on some better weather xxx

  • Oh Syvi, is there nothing your GP can prescribe, short term at least, to let you catch up? You'll fit for nothing. Send you warm hugs. x (())

  • Hope you're feeling a bit better this morning Sylvie. Hugs on their way xxx

  • Hi Sylvia. Sorry to hear you are so poorly. Did you get a bit of sleep last night? I hope so. Please get some help from your GP. You can't be expected to go on like this. Angela xx

  • Angela, i didn't sleep very again though i stayed in bed until six this morning. I know it will pass so i try not to worry,but i will contact my dr this morning. Thank all you lovely ladies who answered my post. Hugs to you all.xxxxx

  • Sending hugs and my best established wishes and hope , is there anything i'very missed. Hope the Dr. helped you some .


  • Sending hugs and my best established wishes and hope , is there anything i'very missed. Hope the Dr. helped you some .


  • Hi sylvi,

    so sorry you are having such a bad time at the moment. hope you feel better soon. Love the picture.

    Best wishes


  • I am seeing my doctor at the health centre on thursday afternoon so i will show he and tell her how i am.xxxxx

  • So sorry your feeling so bad Sylvia, hope you get some help on Thursday, gentle hugs on the way x

  • Gentle hugs dear Sylvi .. I hope that exhaustion allows you some sleep tonight ... let's you drop off ... something .. anything! Please!! Seriously, hope for a good night's sleep although there are the winds whipping up outside here which may gather speed overnight. Tomorrow, we have storm warnings for the north of the UK. Stay safe and I wish you deeeep sleeeep. Lovely photo thank you. xxx

  • So sorry to hear your pain and swelling is so bad right now. I hope your family are giving comfort and support which always helps a lot at these desperate times. Lots of hugs and take care. June x

  • I have had a better nights sleep than i have had of late,still kept waking up,but was able to go back to sleep. Thank you all for your kind words.xxxx

  • That's good Sylvi. A nuisance you kept waking but as long as you're getting back off at least you're getting some rest. I hope it's a better night still tonight. x

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