Still a few problems posting from the iPhone

Hi I want to respond to messages but can't get back to the thread once I've read .. They don't show up in my notifications once I've seen and read.  It is the iphone and the way things display on it  but I've managed to get back on this site after trying for months so let's hope I can continue to post.  Be back as soon as I can.  

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  • Ye mine did that and I had to use computer instead? 

  • Hope you get it sorted soon x

  • Hi there 3LB and Alannah :-) I think the Mobile is ze culprit! Need that new MacBook! xx

  • Hiya Julie, I hope it's solved itself but do contact the tech team if not, they may be able to throw some light on why you're unable to return to posts you've replied to & why they're not on your notifications. Hope to see more of you from now, you've been missed! x

  • Thank you I've missed you too and all the people I used to chat with. xx

  • Yes mine does that have to use iPad cx

  • I found I'd posted to the Arthritic forum in error and plastered a huge image there! Without No 4 grandson today I struggled to find it but it should now be on here - without said image!

    I have so much to learn about my new mini iPad I feel more confident on my old computer!

  • Hi NeonkittyUk,

    if you carry on having problems you can try e-mailing the tech team from this link:


    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • I think it's behaving at the mo Beverley but I will contact the tech team if I have a problem. I'm sure it's at my side of things and not the website! ;-) Many thanks.

  • These smart phones are not always so smart!

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