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For Luthien

There is a lovely lady named Luthien

Whose whole life has been

Filled with sweetness and kindness,

strength and bravery, no end

Those qualities we see

are "right down our alley"

'cept for one thing...

they named her Sally!!

For Lavender Lady

There once was a Lavender Lady

Who could have lived on a street so shady

But without any hastle

She chose her enchanted castle

Surrounded by Lavender, she became its' Lady.

For Sylvia

Then there is our beloved Sylvia

Who will send heartfelt words to cheerya

Though she herself hurts from RA

She wants the newbies to stay

So they can get through the journey to see ya.

For Ronnie

There once was a little girl named Ronnie

Who wanted to GROW macaroni

But Daddy said "Nay..

You can't get it that way"

So he raised the sweet lass

To be the most bonny.

For dtech

Then there was the fellow named dtech

Who could have been a tv tech

But he fancied other ventures

Like making perfect dentures

Then he met us, I suspect!

For CeCe

There once was a lady named CeCe

Who wanted to dance the Chi Chi

Try as she would

She never could

So she stayed a lady named CeCe.

For Allanah

Now there's a gal named Allanah

Who oft heard "rhymes" with "banana"

She fought every day

Against that cursed RA

While staying the Humerous Allanah!

For Tilda

Now there's this woman named Tilda

Whose Artistic endeavor,

Despite her bouts with RA,

Showed her to be quite clever

And highly talented, humerous and skilled a


Loret 9-19-13




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Oh Lorann these are absolutely them all! Brilliant. xxxx

Thanks:) It has been years since I was in a class that required limericks ! But it was fun :)

Ronnie63 in reply to lorann

You're in one now:-) xx

lorann in reply to Ronnie63

Thanks, I just sprained my brain!!! :)


Thanks Loret - I am really touched to have my own limerick! X

Ronnie63 in reply to Hidden

There was a young woman called Tilda

Who physically, looked like a builder

She painted, she sang

Walked as far as she can

But her full name is actually Matilda!!

Hidden in reply to Ronnie63

Cheers Ronnie - you know how to cheer a girl eh? But "felt like she was all out of kilter" - might be even better and certainly more true just now. I can't even summon the energy to do the hoovering just now let alone look or feel like a builder! Xx

Ronnie63 in reply to Hidden

You're right, I am better than that, so limerick take two:

There was a young woman named Tilda

RA drugs? They hardly thrilled her

So she pill popped, and she sang

Until her heart went twang

But it was her art which really fulfilled her!!

Hidden in reply to Ronnie63

Like this! Although you could insert "nearly killed her" instead of "hardly thrilled her" and it wouldn't feel far wrong! X

Ronnie63 in reply to Hidden

Think that might be a bit fatalist.....

Instead of her heart went twang, could read, the GP's computer? It went bang!

Glad you like it :-)

Well done it is such fun isn't it xgins


There is a dame called Lorann,

Who likes to help when she can,

She has years of experience,

And plenty of cheeriness,

She's a real dame that Lorann.

Cece x

Ronnie63 in reply to Hidden

Oh yes, bravo:-) xx

lorann in reply to Hidden

Aw, wow, thanks, CeCe, I love it! Will print this and put it in my journal!!

lorann in reply to lorann

Thanks for agreeing, Ronnie :) You gals are too kind!!

Thanks, I was just this minute finishing yours :)

There once was a lass called scouser

Of whom we could not be prouder

She battled RA every day, we fear

And still she's a limerick judge here,

So people, be kind to our scouser

Think my brain is winding down!! :)


There was a woman called Ronnie

Who tried to make everything funny,

By choosing the telly and giving things welly,

that jolly RAer called Ronnie


There was a septuagenarian called Loret,

Whose spirit was healthy (like porridge),

She wrote some rhymes, when she could find some time,

Between baking and showing much courage.


On top of a French hill lived Polly,

Who's wisdom was exceptionally jolly,

She injected methotrexate

Grew pumpkins and kept her heart rate,

At levels rarely tempered by folly.

Ronnie63 in reply to Hidden

Strictly's loss I fear, a star in the making, brava :-)

lorann in reply to Hidden

Now you're on a roll, Tilda!

But isn't it about 1:22am there?

Hidden in reply to lorann

Well no I wrote them at about 10pm I think? Its now 4.04 am and the reason I'm awake is so I could pee and take painkillers and run Ibuleve gel into my back again. This time nothing to do with RA but because I fell down the stairs at 11.30pm and landed on our polished oak floor badly (is a good landing possible?!) and the pain was so awful that I screamed. Oh yes and I dropped Ruby and the remains of my herbal tea. The only reason I was carrying Ruby was to put her outside for a pee because she's very lazy when half asleep and then has accidents if not manually aced outside. I had taken my 4th antidepressant and that made me woozy too.

Husband is at work but youngest son was here and came rushing in answer to my "blood curdling yell". He helped me get up and then yell again. Realised I was in shock so sat me down (more ahhhhh) and got me a glass of water. We then managed to get me upstairs to bed and get paracetamol down me and rub Ibuleve onto the large affected area to the right side of my back just above bum up to where kidney is.

I can move but not without a lot of pain. The good bit is that its obscured all the other usual low level pain (RA I think) but the bad news is - and this is weird - its brought back the pins and needles in my hands and arms and the icy cold numbness in my calves with a vengeance - all of which had been fading right away except after exercise.

Now I'm no medic Loret but this feels significant? Compression of nerves now springs to mind - and if its the same then might it not have always been the cause of my PN I wonder?

As the saying goes bad things come in threes - lets hope because last weekend was an ambulance job! I'm meant to be helping and singing at the 25th anniversary of my choir tonight but now wondering if I will even make it. Also meant to be going on afterwards to a friend's 60th which I was looking forward to. Hope this bruise surfaces fast but couldn't find the arnica so I'm not that hopeful. Back to sleep I hope. Still in a lot of pain when I move at all but guess that's to be expected! What an idiot i am. Xxx

lorann in reply to Hidden

Mercy sakes alive, Tilda! That sounds like an awful fall.

Well, I'll tell you, I'm not a doctor either, but I have had alot of experience with back pain and nerve compression and ruptured discs and bulging discs and eroded vertebrae and spinal stenosis, so when you were first telling about all the pins and needles and tingling and feeling cold in legs, it rang bells and waved flags at me!

I know you said you had an MRI, but my Orthopaedic Surgeon said the fine nerve endings cannot be seen in a regular MRI, they need to use a contrast dye, or there is another procedure, where they inject dye directly into the spinal canal, then tilt the xray table and allow the dye to run up to the neck and then down to the sacrum. That is how they see exactly what nerves are being compressed.

Would not be surprising if they end up doing that since you have fallen.

See how it is today, especially standing and walking about the house, before you venture out and about.

I will be worried about you all day! Don't force yourself to do anything!

I am so sorry you are having one thing right after the other, but your back is too critical to ignore if it continues to hurt that much. Take care! L xx

Here's detech on holiday in Budapest

Whose thought was to have a rest

But when he went on line

His heart it did pine

Reading all his friends limericks gave him new zest.

Having a great time here in Hungary. All the best from Stuart.

Ronnie63 in reply to dtech

There was a fella on holiday in Budapest

Who'd left behind his empty nest

He crossed the Danube many times

In search of all things fine

And declared the holiday his "personal best"!!

Great to hear from you too Stu

Taking a break fron NRAS what do find to do in Hungary, besides take great pictures

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