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Writing from the Trenches and need advice

Hiya all. Help. I've had the week from hell. Yep, no other way of sugar coating that! My 2yr 2m old twins George & Sophie have had gastroenteritis since tuesday. Well, Sophie since Tuesday afternoon, George went to nursery on his own on Wednesday, then he started thursday night. They couldn't go to nursery yesterday. My appetite has been appalling, totally appalling recently and I havnt really felt up to eating anything proper since Wednesday night. Last months blood showed low normal WBCC and low normal HCT. Seeing Rheumy on Tuesday and had up to date blood done yesterday. Anyway, I've been feeling rubbish. Not other way, like crawling under a rock and drying. I've not been able to take any RA meds or pain relief since Wednesday, missed my MTX day thursday. So, my FIL came to help me yesterday, thank heavens. I hunkered down in bed and did odds and ends housework but knew someone was brewing (can you see where I'm going...?!). To complicate matters, I'm in a local choral society which onky performs once a yeqr (tonight!) with a Faure's Requiem and Cantique mini practice performance last night, which I made, dragged myself out of bed and sung. So, my plan is to stay in bed, miss my rehearsal in the church at 3 and see if I can make the performance at 7:30. I have 15 friends coming to see me, each pays £10 per ticket. Now, my issue (some would say I have many!) is I've just taken 2 Imodium tablets. But, having now read the leaflet it says do not take if you are on Quinine, which I am! What do I do? I'm sure I didn't need to write my whole week out, but really wanted to share as it has been v v v tough. I've been so careful, washing hands etc....

PS I know I'm crazy to even contemplate singing tonight....

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Grrr just written a long reply and it disappeared!

Poor old you, you are having a bad time, I really feel for you. It's typical that children choose the best time to pick up a bug, and cheerfully pass it on!!

First, if you're worried about the immodium, why not ring your pharmacist or nhs 24, and check it out?

Secondly, it sounds as if you have taken the most sensible options to optimise your chance of appearing at the concert. I know that I would be gutted if I had put in all that work, and then not be able to be at the only performance. If that makes you mad, I think that everyone is entitled to some moments of insanity!!

I do hope that you manage to make the concert, and enjoy it. More importantly, I hope that you get better soon, and your twins, and you can get back on your meds asap.

Good luck either way, do let us know how you get on. Luv M xx

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Thankyou so much for your lovely response. I've developed a temperature and headache too so I've rung 111. I'm now trying to arrange for someone to take me. This is a nightmare. I've told my friends I'm not going now 😞 but to be honest I feel so ill I'm not up to standing for 1 hour anyway.


I can totally relate to what you are going through although my youngest turned 18 today and haven't had to deal with kids and gastric stuff for years now - but can recall it horribly still. The thing we have in common is that I've been feeling rubbish for ages - and have had flu all week and been unable to face food at all - so yesterday I passed out on the stairs and the GP came and told me I was malnourished. But food just turns my stomach completely and I start rushing for the loo as soon as I have had anything at all.

The other thing we have in common is that I sing in a small chamber choir and we have a concert booked a week tonight as a charity fundraise - which I have organised. I have no voice at all now as a result of awful coughing - can barely stand for longer than a minute without everything going white and have horrific throat, ear and jaw and rib pain all the time just now too.

I can't bear the thought of not being part of this big concert but presently it feels like a foregone conclusion that I won't be able to do it. So I do understand and think Mavis is spot on with her suggestions for you but our health has to come first - it just can't be helped. Tx

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That certainly seems the best decision, I'm so sorry. There will be other concerts, I'm sure, no consolation at the moment I know. But the most important thing is for you to get well, so no regrets, just concentrate on that now.

Do keep in touch, thinking of you. M x


Just to let you lovely people know. I was in hospital overnight with IVFT (IV fluids), IV paravetamol, antibiotics, CT scan, chest X-ray, full array of bloods. My temperature was 38.8 when I arrived and my heart rate was 130! So they thought I was septic, then they thought meningitis. Anyway, they eventually said sinusitis. Home Sunday afternoon at 12:00! So I was able to enjoy half of Mothers Day. What a traumatic weekend but we are all on the mend now. Thanks for all your support. X


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