Still fighting the nhs regarding work problems

Hi all need some urgent advice please, some of you will remember how I worked for the nhs until I was diagnosed with RA august last year I was off sick for a year even though I wanted to go back but with a temp redeployment so I could see if I could manage working but they weren't having none of it and were going to dismiss me on ill health but they then found me a job 3 weeks ago as a ward clerk for a 4 week trial well they have had me running well trying to around a big hospital for this that and everything, well anyway I found out last week that my collegue has said she has RA from the dept where I used to work and they have made adjustments for her and let her reduce her hours I have gone mad as they wanted me gone asap they wouldn't even give me a chance to see if I could do my old job or for the meds to work, im so angry as I know I will be dismissed on ill health as this job is worse than my old job grrrrrrr. x

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NHs can be a tricky employer should know, have always even when first diagnosed strugggled in after six weeks off.. they hate sick leave.. my boss rings to see when I coming back!!, safety see union?. I have had a huge reduction in working hours, but have the pleasure of still doing weekend rota which killled me last weekend.m ore hours than my "normal" day less staff unfair pressure when not fit.. struggled. felt terrible when got home.. raised this with boss and she said " I AM MORE USEFUL if I work weekends!!, not a threat is it??


Write down everything that has happened, with dates as far as you can remember, then consult your union, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, ACAS, or the CAB's employment specialists. Or all of them. Good luck. Employers can be tricky devils.

Dotty xx


I agree with Dotty - definitely speak to the organisations she mentions. Also, under the Equality Act 2010 your employer has a duty to make 'reasonable adjustments' - see

This caught my eye in particular:

"If, however,

you are a disabled worker, and

you can show that there were barriers your employer should have identified and reasonable adjustments your employer could have made, and

your employer does nothing,

you can bring a claim against your employer in the Employment Tribunal, and your employer may be ordered to pay you compensation as well as make the reasonable adjustments. A failure to make reasonable adjustments counts as unlawful discrimination. "

Hope this helps & good luck.


Sounds almost like a "constructive dismissal" case in the offing? Definitely get your union involved, or some kind of employment advocate. If you aren't a union member, then maybe try CAB as a first step to see who they would recommend help you through this.


Natalie. what was your last job? obviously not a ward clerk?? nurse, hca, physio etc.. was the other job very physical on your feet a lot a lot of walking etc??


Like previous comments I would get intouch with a union Rep or cab services. I have been off now for 18months. I have not been offered any jobs I am a staff nurse. I have not made as much progress as I would have liked.occupational health have agreed to support my application for ill health retirement. I have nursed for 36 years. NHS has surprised me in the ruthlessness the have shown towards me.

Good luck access support......Carole. x


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