Hi Everyone

I had a total knee replacement at the end of Sept. finally went back on Enbrel three weeks after surgery. However I had a bout of flu at the beginning of January( despite having regular flu jabs), followed by pneumonia. And had to stop Enbrel again I finished the antibiotics a week ago and am hoping to restart Enbrel later this week.

I feel totally exhausted and very stiff and achey. Has anyone experienced pneumonia and give me some idea of how long it takes to recover from the fatigue. I appreciate that we're all different, but so e feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you

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  • I had pneumonia 14yrs ago and it took me a month off work before i could go back to work and the folowing year i came down with ra. So at least a month depends on how well your health and it could be longer.xxxx

  • Thanks Sylvi ,I'll just have to be patient!

  • Afraid so darling,just rest.xxxx

  • I've had pneumonia twice, once single & once double.... Each time it completely knocked the stuffing out of me, and took ages to get it back. Probably a month of feeling completely energy-less but another couple of months to get back my normal energy levels. Sorry!

  • Thanks helix helix, that's what I feared! I will just have to pace myself.

  • I cant help, but you can get a vaccine against pneumonia - check the nhs website.

    I hope you recover soon, lets hope the weather improves, a few sunny dry days will help a little.

  • Thanks Cathie- I was given a pneumonia jab two or three years ago, but it obviously didn't protect me this time!

  • Its worth knowing that they dont protect you 100% - I hope you recover soon

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