Pneumonia jab

I have had ME for 26 years, Fibro for 6 and now RA it seems. In all that time I have never had a flu jab. I was advised by various alternative and conventional medics that with auto immune conditions, immunisations can be more disruptive to the system than helpful. My doctor has now suggested I have a pneumonia jab. I'm a bit nervous that it will make me feel worse than I do already, although can see that it would be a good thing to have in many ways. Does anyone have any advice on this ? Thank you

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  • I had my pneumonia jab this year along with my flu jab. If your immunosupressent then they reccomend you have the jab. Hugs.xxxx

  • Thanks Sylvi. Maybe I should just bite the bullet. I'm seeing the nurse on Thurday. Hugs to you too xx

  • Talk to your doctors again about it. If you're generally in good health, no history of lung problems, not a very advanced age, and with a low dose of any of the immunosuppressant drugs then they may feel that you are not a high risk so it's not necessary.

    However, both flu and pneumonia can be extremely serious if you are more fragile and the small risks of the vaccine may be worth it for you. I've certainly never reacted to either. (You may remember that pneumonia used to be called old man's friend as it can cause a relatively quick & painless death - so not something to be taken lightly. I certainly wouldn't want to go back to the days before we were able to tackle it.)

  • Thank you. Good advice I'm sure, and reassuring that they haven't affected you adversely.. I will have them.

    I do remember my father using that phrase about pneumonia. I don't want it to be my friend yet !

  • I had it 2 weeks ago with no after effects x

  • I had both last week - one each arm - and forgot about them. Some are not so luck and have flu / cold like symptoms.

    They are, by design, disruptive as they cause the body to react and create anti-bodies against the threat and, sure, you're immunosuppressed there is less lee way to compensate. But, by the same argument, as you are immunosuppressed, you risk having a more severe illness should you contract the diseases.

    Perhaps it could be useful to ask yourself, who would you be doing it for - that might bring some clarity.

    Then, if you're going to bite the bullet, bite it. Otherwise, have cake.

  • I was also advised to have a shingles jab, which like the other 2 caused me no problems

  • Had both no problems

  • I had no side effects following mine.

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