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Pneumonia vaccine?

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I am booked in for my flu jab and GP has now texted to offer pneumonia jab as I'm 66. Just wondering if anyone has any comments about it,? I seem to remember hearing it can make you quite ill?

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It didn’t work for me as I had some tests recently my rheumy ordered to check following my zero Covid antobodies etc and found out I was too close to my Rtx in 2020 to have the pneumonia and flu. I left 8 and 10 weeks and still not long enough for me. Those two didn’t take effect so watch for timings of RA meds and pneumonia (and flu) vaccines too. Ask your nurse if in any doubt. x

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GinnyE in reply to Neonkittie17

Thanks. I'll get in touch with RA department.

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I hope your meds don’t interfere. I’ve got the very interfering med plus Mtx which also can. 😑

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GinnyE in reply to Neonkittie17

Thanks NK17. You've certainly drawn the short straw haven't you.

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Neonkittie17 in reply to GinnyE

Yes I’ve both Covid vaccines to redo and pneumonia (flu is annual anyhow). I’ve a lot to sort out re my immunity and side effects of Rtx and I’m changing RA med too. 😑

Good luck. Yes, check with rheumatology department.

I did all that thanks 💗

Hi Ginny

I had mine too close to infusions last year, I think. Trusted they knew what they were doing but guess they had no clue! Last infusion in 2020 was early August and I got the flu and pneumococcal jabs on the same day in October.

British Rheumatology Society gives guidance viz 4 months before Rituximab or at least six months after last one. That all changed with the pandemic, said her Covid vaccine four weeks after infusions!

But research has shown those who did that have zero to very low response.

Anyway, Rheumatology Dept should advise on when is the optimal time for your autumn jabs for flu etc, depending what drugs you are on. Might take a bit of digging and pushing but worth it.

The pneumococcal one can cause some pain but they ought to give you an idea what is normal and what is not.

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GinnyE in reply to charisma

Yes, I'll ask RA dept about methotrexate timing. Thanks.

I had the pneumonia jab with no problems. I had it a couple of weeks after the flu one (again no problem) as they hadn't any available when I went for the flu jab but I would have had them both together if it had been offered.

I was on Methotrexate and Hydroxychloroquine at the time.

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GinnyE in reply to Boxerlady

Thanks for that

That was before lockdown BTW.

I've just had a text from my surgery to cancel my flu jab appointment for the end of September as they won't have any by the then; I'm to contact the surgery after 4th October.

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Boxerlady in reply to GinnyE

I suspect that there'll be a lot of issues with supply - both medication and transport 😒

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Bookworm55 in reply to Boxerlady

It was on the news last night and just listened to a report on radio saying that the delivery of some flu vaccines delayed by lorry driver shortage.

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AgedCrone in reply to Boxerlady

I have made an appointment to have the influenza vaccination this month at Boots…they seem much more on the ball than GP surgeries.I had it there last year & was very impressed after the “yes we have it… we don’t” from the GP.

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Boxerlady in reply to AgedCrone

I've had mine at the local pharmacy in the past, it just happens that the surgery got in touch first this time. The pharmacy is running a Covid vaccination centre in the village hall (brilliantly 😊) so I doubt if flu jabs are on their radar yet but I will check.

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AgedCrone in reply to Boxerlady

I wanted to get in early in case I need an infusion…..having just moved to a new practice I thought I’d sidestep the inquisition from a receptionist who has never heard of rituximab and won’t understand that I have to wait three months after an influenza jab before I have the infusion.….I’ve got a lot on my plate right now & the less time I have to spend explaining…the better….patience not a strong point atm🥱

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Good plan!

I had no problem at all not even a sore arm.

I had mine three years ago when I was 48 and it put me in bed for a week and I’m pretty strong when it comes to illnesses I’m rarely ill but it knocked me for 6 .

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GinnyE in reply to Buckybri

I spoke with my rheumatologist last year, saying I'd heard it could make you ill, and he did say that if I hadn't got lung problems I need not have it. Hence my indecision.

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Buckybri in reply to GinnyE

I have never had flu I think it probably felt like that , I couldn’t get out of bed , which is the only time in my life I had felt like that .

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AgedCrone in reply to Buckybri

I have the influenza vaccination every year.I would have it even if I had to pay for it.

I had flu two years ago & as everyone says once is more than enough…..I felt absolutely terrible…….so how I would have felt had I not had the vaccination I dread to think.

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Boxerlady in reply to GinnyE

My rheumy was the one who insisted that I had to have it - I had to work pretty hard to convince the GP as I was only 60 😏

I've had the pneumonia vaccine , and a booster after 5 years. Aside from the usual sore arm I had absolutely no problems. My hubby , who has no underlying health issues, was recently advised to have it as he's turning 70; they commented that with older people who do catch covid many have a nasty dose of pneumonia too which can cause major complications.

I had the pneumonia and flu vaccines, one in each arm, and was fine afterwards. I have lung issues too and was glad to get it.

Hello GinnyE,I have the pneumonia jab every 5 years. I am now 69 with IBD and Lung diseases. The pneumonia shot had no problems at all for me. I might add that I always have an annual flu shot and have been double vaxed with AZ for Covid-19. The pneumonia shot is vital for everyone over 65 particularly if you have underlying health issues like me. This vaccine is only 60% effective, far less than the Covid-19 vaccines, but it's not worth taking the chance of having pneumonia without some sort of protection. I do have bouts of pneumonia but I am sure the vaccine help mitigate the progress and longevity of the disease. It must because I'm still standing after all this time.

Please look after yourself like I do. Don't be afraid of a bit of pain for long term gain.


Dee Mac

I had it last year with no issues. I take mtx and benepali.

I've had that jab aswell, don't remember feeling unwell though.

I was called in to have a flu jab whist I was there the nurse looked at my notes & apparently I’d been flagged up to have a pneumonia jab. So I had both. That night I had a flare it was pretty bad but only lasted 36hrs then I was right as rain. Three yrs ago I had pneumonia it lasted 2 months ended up in A&E on Christmas Day. For me it’s a no brainier but we’re all different. Take care x

This is from the NHS site…..look up.…lots of info on this vaccination….but bottom line you should take advice from your doctor who knows your personal condition.

“The Pneumovax 23 covers twenty three different variants of the pneumococcal bacteria. In healthy adults, revaccination is not indicated (necessary). Patients with underlying chronic disease should probably be revaccinated every 5 years. “

I've had it and was absolutely fine. it was a one off vaccine so no yearly boosters unlike the flu jab.

I had mine last summer and had to look on the NHS app to confirm I’d had it so couldn’t have had any side effects!

I had both the flu and pneumonia jabs on the same day when I started on biologics, one in each arm. I felt rough for a week but managed to go to my job as a midday assistant in a primary school. Wasn’t great but better than getting pneumonia I’m sure!

I was 61 when I had pneumonia jab had it at same time as flu jab. On MTX 20mg weekly no side affects . … neither of the jabs hurt possibly a good nurse …

I had pneumonia jab with my flu jab , absolutely fine , a little advice , I had mine each arm , BOTh arms were dead 😂😂 so it’s best to have in same arm so only one arm is dead

I had it so did my husband without problems. My RA consultant had told me that he wanted me to have it. I haven't had antibody checks to know if it worked though, and that was several years ago. 🙂

I'm only 48 and was advised to have the pneumonia jab. Apart from the sore arm I had no ill effects. As for immunity, I was told that I'd probably need a booster as it's not as effective in people who take inmunosuppressants. Apparently we're going to be offered a third covid jab soon too for the same reason.

I had mine years ago and cant remember being poorly after apart from sore arm. Suspect we all react differently

I had the pneumonia jab a few years ago when I was first diagnosed with RA and was told it was a 'one off' vaccination. GP doesn't bother contacting us to offer a flu jab since new doctors took over so no hope of anything else.

I was given the jab when I was just a little younger than yourself and had no problem with it .

I had it just the pneumonia jab never felt any different

I got my pneumonia and flu jabs both at same time but that was week before I started any of my meds. Many years ago. Every year since I’ve had my flu jab with no problems. I always just wait till I get my text message off drs. I was wondering how they going to do it this year. With us having to also get a booster jab for covid. But I normally get message end of this month.

I had the vaccine some years ago and didn’t have any reactions. I have had spells on Metx. Since. My wife as been on Mtx. For some years and our Doctors told her it was not to have the Pneumonia jab.

I had a pneumonia injection at the same time I had my flu one quite a few years ago. I would have been in my 50s then. Have you ever had a pneumonia injection before? I must admit that I was surprised when I was told I could have it along with my flu injection (in different arms).

Hi, I never had a problem. Ask you doctor if you are concerned. 🙂

I had an extremely sore arm but that was all.

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