Methotrexate and enbrel

Over the weekend, Ive developed a sore, horrible cough that hurts my chest and also a real cold. I am due to take methotrexate (25mgs) tonight and enbrel on Tuesday.

Is it ok to take these when feeling poorly? My thinking is I have a cold and cough that's probably viral, as opposed to bacterial and therefore, it should be ok?

Ami right to think so? Don't want to take methotrexate , as an immunosuppressant and feel even more poorly

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  • Hi Marie.

    Sorry to hear you are poorly.

    I was told not to take Methotrexate or biologics if there was any chance you may have an infection. If your chest is so sore and you have a cough I'd be inclined to hold off taking it until you feel better.

    Even hold off until tomorrow when you can speak to your GP or rheumatology team.

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • Thanks for the advice Sanbanan - that makes

    Sense. Have climbed into bed now, totally choked!

    I'll call gp in the morning and see what he says.

    Thanks again


  • No problem. Nothing worse than a horrible cough and cold but you certainly don't want to make it worse so take it easy and hopefully tomorrow you will feel better.

    Sandra x

  • Thank you.

    Wishing you a restful evening.


  • last year when I had bronchitis I was told to continue with MTX. So you should be ok.

  • Thanks for tha Mickey1.

    I'm just on the way home from gp. I have chest and lung infection so need to head up to hospital for x ray. Got prescription for antibiotics and they've told me to stop the methotrexate.

    Thanks for your response .


  • Hope you get better soon.

  • That's kind, thank you - honestly feel Like I am About to combust or something! Hope it passes quickly. I'm ok with pain but feeling so sickly is rubbish.

    Have a peaceful, pain free night.


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