Bruise on tongue

Bruise on tongue

Hello friends!

Just wondering if anyone with RA has experienced this before? I was eating my daily vitamin (aka-a piece of dark chocolate) when my tongue suddenly began to hurt and swell at the tip. It then turned blue as in the picture and the swelling left. All in the course of a few minutes. I swear I did not bite it or I would have felt it and let out a scream. Anybody experience this before? I am currently on Enbrel and Sulfasalazine.

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  • Probably just a burst blood vessel. If you have seious concerns get it checked out. If it was me I would not be worried unless it got worse.


  • I am not too worried, except that this happened to my pinky finger 2 weeks ago, too. Seem to be random incidents, but not comfortable if it keeps happening. Makes me wonder if some are bursting internally too.

  • I am also on Enbrel and also have my daily vitamins from 90% chocolate!

    Sometimes my tongue does feel a bit sore if I have been sucking too hard on the choccie. I guess, as it is so strong it could irritate the tongue. However, i agree with the above about reassurance through the GP if it happens again xx

  • My "vitamin" is not quite as potent as yours! Only 72% for me. I eat 2 pieces every day to help satisfy my sweet tooth. I have emailed my Rheumy doc with pictures. This happened to my pinky finger 2 weeks ago so I thought I better consult with him. I hope it's not the Enbrel cause it does wonders at keeping my pain at bay!

  • They do seem like strange side effects of Enbrel. I have never had anything like that. I shall be interested to hear what your consultant thinks. it is possible to change your sweet tooth if you want to. My son used to take three teaspoons of sugar in his tea until his sisters told him how bad that was. He went from three to none. He said his tea tasted awful for a week and after that it was good! Shows how tastes adjust.

    Try 75% choc and then 80%!

  • to be on safe side please check with your RA team, as I had a problem with the oral methotrexate, chocolate for vitamin mmm interesting wonder if you could apply the same to ice cream sodas lol.

  • I have emailed pictures to my doctor. I had a similar thing happen to my pinky finger 2 weeks ago, so I'm waiting for his response now. And maybe someday the experts will say that ice cream is good for us!!

  • Is this the same chocolate which you usually have? What level of chocolate was it? I've had 92% and found it did hurt my mouth with the bitterness. I'd wonder if there was something unusual about it, and if it was some kind of allergy. I have had mouth ulcers when on methotrexate I think.

  • Hi Cathie! I always eat the same 72% chocolate. This is the second time in 2 weeks that a vessel has popped for me. 2 weeks ago it was my pinkie finger. Hopefully nothing popping internally! I should hear from my doctor this week.

  • it's the side effect. Not sure which one causing. Vessel burst / swelling, I had it once over my lip, made me look as if I was punched. Probably biologic, I am assuming. Biologic is great but it has downers.

  • Do you use Enbrel? I am hoping that I can keep using it. It has done wonders for me!

  • It could only be one off. It looks very similar to what happened to my lower lip a while ago. I know why you are worried. I would be, I wouldn't have liked spontaneous bruising. No, I am not on Biologic drug.

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