Update – Knee Drained

Pleased to say I had my knee drained today, it wasn't done by my usual Consultant but by a Registrar. The needle went in and she said to let her know if I needed her to stop. I was waiting for the pain to come when I felt her push the needle a little deeper and felt the discomfort, but thank goodness it was just slightly painful and nowhere near as bad as the last time when I was literally lifting myself up off the bed. She took three and a bit syringes and then injected the steroid. Really pleased how it went and so far just have slight throbbing in my knee. Taking it easy and will rest up tomorrow. Took my Methotrexate tonight so hope my body is starting to get used to it and I will be ok. Hope everyone is doing well. Enjoy the weekend. X


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8 Replies

  • Well done you for being brave. Have a good rest and enjoy the weekend.

  • A job well done by the sounds of it Sue. I think much depends on the person who's doing it & maybe being a Registrar has been concentrating on aspirations & injections so got the knack. I do hope it's relieved it & you get some respite from the steroid. x

  • Thanks for your replies and for all the support before I had it done. I feel so much better today, my knee feels fine, just a bit hot and slight throb but nothing compared to how it was. No side effect from the Mtx either so hope I am starting to get used to it. Yes the registrar told me she normally works in outpatients but has been doing more training in Rheumatology on the aspirations. She was very good and had a lovely manner. Taking it easy today, still in bed with a lovely cup of tea just browsing the site. Have a good day everyone. X

  • The occasional ice pack might be helpful if you feel it becoming too hot & throbby, a pack of frozen peas wrapped in a teatowel works well, you probably know that though!

    I found the MTX became less problematic the longer I took it & now really nothing of note to report, certainly nothing that would stop me taking it as it does so well at controlling me. It's often the case the longer you take it the fewer side effects, your body needs a little time to get used to it.

    The Registrar certainly sounds competent,she'll be a credit to whichever field she chooses to specialise in or GP Practice she joins.

    Good plan, don't overly use the knee today! x

  • Great to hear about a procedures well done with a good outcome, fingers crossed! Wishing you well.

  • Thank you.

  • I wished she had done mine a fewt months back ,3 times in with the needle and only a tiny bit drained ,that was ouchy 😊😊

  • Oh no that must have been awful. I was dreading it really as it was so painful last time, but she was brilliant. So far so good. Let's hope if you ever need it doing again that you have a much better experience. Take care. X

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