Bulge on knee

I seem to be asking a lot of questions lately. I asked about my swollen knees which my Dr said is caused by steroids. I don't think it is all of the problem. Since I saw her Thursday the right side of my leg , level with the top of my knee (except you can't see my knee for  fat) looks a bit like an egg bulging out, not quite as big. It is really uncomfortable and aches at times. It affects how I walk and todat I can't walk upstairs without putting my leg out sideways. My Dr says it isn't fluid but could she be wrong as it feels like it could be. I don't know if this is an out of hours problem or not bad enough. I always get stupid things that people don't seem to know what I have. I wondered if anyone  will   recognise this.

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  • If you do not want to contact out of hours ring 111 they were very helpful when I phoned the other weekend

    And they have clinicians they can seek advice from for the appropriate advice.

  • Hi Bailybiscuit 

    If this was happening to me, and it were a weekend, I would go to A&E. Things seem to be getting worse for you and you need some reassurance and a proper diagnosis. I know, if you choose to go, the doctors will not mind seeing you. You need some medical advice.

    Please look after yourself.


  • Ditto I feel the same rhemy I'm sure thinking who is this anxious women but I'm the one who can't straighten my legs every morning lol

  • I wouldn't feel that it is really something for A & E.  Unless the swelling is red, angry looking and giving you a temperature, it isn't urgent to find out what it is. If it were me I would go back to the doctor in the next week  and say that the knee is now more swollen, and is causing problems with walking. Could it be coming from the knee joint as a bursitis?

    If it was mine, I would elevate the leg above the heart and do gentle non-weight bearing exercises to keep it moving.

    Best of luck in finding out what is causing it.

  • Thank you, it actually improved a bit yesterday evening so I just think it is my arthritis as now my wrists have started up again.

  • Your description sounds just like both my knees right now and the only thing that makes the swelling go down is steroids.  My knees feel like I have a cuff from a blood pressure monitor inflated around them, it makes it very hard to move and is extremely tiring.  My GP drains them from time to time and I have just had a 7 days course of steroids, but within a few days of finishing that course they are swollen and bad as ever.  I am waiting for a knee replacement on the one knee, but my good knee is more swollen than my bad at the moment.

  • My Dr says mine isn't fluid that can be drained off but it is very tight. I am also taking but reducing steroids ready for my biologic assessment.

  • Your description sounds exactly like my knees, and I know from experience that it is fluid - (maybe not though in your case).  Originally the Doctor at the hospital used to drain my knees and the relief was almost instant, now my own GP has learnt how to drain them.  Sadly they soon swell up again.  Incidentally my rheumy nurse told me it was bad leaving too much fluid on the knees as it is damaging.

  • My Dr who I spoke to this morning still seems to think it is caused by the steroids, I don't think she knows. My left ankle swelled up yesterday but she said to mention it at my assessment on the 24th. I have surgical stockings and there's no way I can wear them on the right leg as it feels like the knee cap is being pushed out of place, but tomorrow will wear one on the left leg as it is still a bit swollen at the ankle. I am fed up with being told it's just another of those mysteries with me. I only feel this bulge which I thought is fluid on the right side of my right knee, not the whole knee, although it looks big it could be muscle.

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