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Update on Mum's Knee

Hi All

An update on Mum's knee, we saw an Orthopaedic Registrar just after Christmas who said the only real option Mum would have had if she did not have the Multiple Myeloma was the knee replacement. The other option was a steroid injection into the joint but she would not be sure of being able to deliver it directly in the required place in the joint and there was a risk of infection. We walked away that day with a heavier duty splint and nothing else.

I spoke with a lovely Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who was a lot more helpful and reassured us that he would be able to guide the injection into the right place and the risk of infection would be 1 in 500. As Mum has been given oral prednisolone for the next couple of weeks to help her with pain generally (knee, hip and lower back) and the myeloma (the paraprotein count has risen meaning the condition is deteriorating), we are going to see the Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in two weeks time with a view to having the injection and discuss further.

One thing that did come out of my consultation with the Consultant was the use of capsaicin cream at 0.025% which could help the pain and could be bought without a prescription (there is a stronger version which is prescription only). However, when I went into my local Boots pharmacy I was told we needed a prescription but strangely enough it appears I can buy it on the internet without a prescription! The side effect of this is a stinging/burning sensation. Capsaicin is the ingredient that is found in chillies and which gives them the heat. He said he has recommended this to a number of his patients but cannot guarantee it will work. If using please be careful not to rub your eyes after applying the cream. Th

Mum is unable to tolerate the BuTrans patches, the morphine makes her dizzy - she has tried these at various strengths.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my initial query. xx

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I'm pleased the Specialist had a more experienced less by-the-book approach to help your mum. This is one reason I'm not totally happy seeing Registrars, because they don't have the years of experience & don't always refer back to their Consultant as they should if unsure. I had a Registrar take me off 2 of my meds because he considered me controlled & was following guidelines of patients having heart issues on one of them. I went downhill fast without either & it was only my when I saw my Rheumy 6 months later she said a CV check was all that was necessary to ensure all was well to continue on it & the other med he should have asked her about. She put me back on both once the checks proved I was fine to continue on both but I had 6 months on the edge of hell just through inexperience.

I hope your mum is happier following the consultation & the steroids & capsaicin cream helps her in the meantime. Let us know Joe the appointment goes won't you? I also hope she is able to have the injection & she gets relief from it. I'm sure if she is comfortable she'll cope with everything better.


Thank you nomoreheels.

I totally agree with you re: Registrars and Specialists and much prefer to see the Specialist with experience and one who sees you as a person and not a textbook case. However, I guess we all have to start somewhere but all I ask in this circumstance is that if the Registrar is out of his/her depth then they be honest about it rather than pretend they know - I have more respect for people in all walks of life who are happy to say 'I don't know but I know someone who does know'.

So sorry to hear about your experience but glad you are sorted now.

Thank you once again for your support. Yes, definitely if Mum is comfortable with no pain or little pain she will be able to cope much better both emotionally and physically.. xx


Exactly! Thing is though they're still learning after all & my Rheumy wasn't too pleased that her Registrar had done as he did without her knowledge or advice. Anyway that's water under the bridge now & I've learnt from it!

I hope all goes well, she has the injection & her Rheumy has a plan to help worked out to help her for the long term.

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I had several injections in my k before I had a replacement. I also had fluid drawn off at the same time, and it relieved the pain dramatically for a while. It is a bit uncomfortable, but not too painful when the person doing it is experienced, so well worth giving it a shot.

I do hope your mum gets effective relief from her pain soon. M x


Thank you hatshepsut for your suggestion. I will ask the Consultant about fluid being drawn out of the knee when we see him in a couple of times. Take care xx


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