Fluid on knee

Hi, do any of you more experienced people know if the Rheumy Specialist Nurse can drain fluid from the knee or is it a Consultant's job. I see the nurse on Thursday and am really hoping that she can drain my knee, it is so tight and painful, not a pleasant experience but definitely worth going through a couple of minutes of pain to get the relief. The last time I had it drained the Consultant did it and the relief after a day or so was amazing. I am just hoping that I won't have to wait any longer for it doing. We are a tough bunch aren't we, the things we have to go through.

Hope you are all pain free and doing well.

Best wishes.

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  • Depends on how experienced he or she is I think. Not a task for a novice, and I'm not sure I'd want an inexperienced person trying anyway! But hope you get it done one way or another, as it does help so much!

  • Thank you for your reply. I know it is a tricky procedure hitting the right spot. Wasn't sure if it has to be the consultant that does it. Have a good day. Setting off for work now.

  • Hi Happygranny1958, I have had fluid drained from my knees, shoulders and elbows by my lovely and very experienced specialist rheumatology physiotherapist. As you say, not pleasant but I just turn my head away and she chats all the way through the process to take my mind of it. Best of luck.


  • My Rh. Specialist Nurse would also drain

    fluid off my knees. Phone your Rh.dept for advice, they are usually helpful and hopefully be able to get you sorted out .

    Best wishes

  • Depends whether the nurse has had the appropriate training. Farm

  • Yes i had my knees drained by a specialist nurse x

  • My specialist nurse is fantastic, has drained my knee many times! M x

  • Thank you all for replying, it is good to know that, hopefully, the nurse may be able to do it for me tomorrow. Don't want to have to wait any longer. I will let you know what happens tomorrow. Thanks again.

    Best wishes.

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