Here I am again sorry for my moaning I'm in agaony with my left knee again the pain is just as bad as it ever was the hip isn't doing to well either and to top it all off I go on holiday next Thursday gonna be a great holiday with all this going on a 10 hour flight to boot 😁lets just hope some of that Mexican sunshine will,help I'm back to see gp ties morning gonna ask him if he will refer me to see a rheumatologist and get back to see my orthapeadic consultant can't keep going on like this need to get this knee sorted when I get back x😖

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  • Sorry to hear. I had very good advice when I was complaining about my ankle on here. After being given 3 different diagnoses I just went to my GP and said I cannot look after my ankle myself and explained the 3 different diagnoses from rheumy consultant, occupational health Dr and my biologic nurse. So have now been referred to musculoskeletal services and have been triaged and will be seeing 2 people there. Have a great holiday I am off to Portugal in September and won't be seeing this team until after so thinking of having a weee steroid shot to see me through.

  • Moan away DeeJojo. If you can't do it here, where can you do it. I know where you are coming from. Sick of being in constant pain. Would it be nice to wake in the morning and jump out of bed and think Weeeeeee! no pain! Hope it eases soon. Hugs. Barb x

  • Thank u for ur kind response x

  • Hi deejojo

    Sorry to hear you OA is really fired up at the mo. Did the injection in your hip help?

    Maybe time to see Orthopaeds again and get an X-ray of your knee, things can change can't they? My mum was in a lot of pain with her hip, ortho said x ray was fine in the sept and in the may he said she needed an urgent hip replacement, similar thing happened to my sister with her hip. With regards to your holiday I know how worried you must be as I have just been on a long journey with a flare up of RA in my ribs, I couldn't bring myself to cancel as it had been planned for 12 months and was going to see my Mum and S Dad both of whom are not so well. You could talk to your GP about pain control. Are you managing any exercise? There is a session at some council run pools especially for joint problems. Exercise is so important isn't it?

    Hope you get some good advice.

    Take care Kiki

  • Thank u sooooo much Hun I'm back to see consultant after hols sooo will see what he has to say x

  • Good luck x

  • Thanks Hun I know last time I saw him he said that they had exhausted all the other channels for my knee so I don't know if he will consider knee replacement I has told me he wouldn't do it yet cos of my age but I'm 57 58 this year even if he was to do knee cap replacement x

  • You will have to wait and see but if the pain is much worse I would ask for an X-ray.

  • Gonna see what he has to say when I get back from hols xx

  • Can you get a steroid shot to see you through?

  • No cant have it done till I get back 😖x

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