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Hello and thank you to everyone who responded to my previous posts regarding the above injections. I went to see my Biologic's nurse yesterday for a second part to the assessment before I can start the Toci injections. Yesterday the nurse explained about the injections and asked me if I would take part in the trial at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, which I said I would. I had more blood tests and an x-ray, plus I have to go back next Thursday for a TB test, if all comes back with good results my Consultant will write a prescription and then I wait for a call regarding the delivery of the injections and a nurse coming to show me how to do the injections.

I was on Enbrel previously, but it stopped working after stopping for several weeks due to other medical issues, after 12-18 weeks on the Enbrel and taking prednisilone (reduced dosage) we came to the same conclusion that the injections were no longer working.

I am having really bad flare ups now and can't wait to start the Toci injections, my biologic's nurse said they are not starting with infusions as I first thought so I am pleased that I will be able to start with injections, all being well and I pass the assessment!! I would say fingers crossed but that hurts too much.

Thank you to all who gave feedback information and a positive feedback, I really do hope I can start the injections and finally start feeling more like my normal self again. I had to retire last August due to RA and hopefully, if this goes well I can start to look for a part time job, I am not happy with retirement. Good luck to everyone whichever medications your taking, I hope you are not suffering too much during this really cold damp weather. Take care. x

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Hi that's good news that you are starting on Toci, I am on week 6 and it is starting to work slowly, I have had a terrible time over the last 4 months and glad it's now receding, one thing I have noticed is that you seem to have been made to jump through a few hoops to get to where you are now, whereas I was put on it immediately after failing Enbril and Cimzia, maybe just a regional thing. All the best with Tici and I hope it works well for you .


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