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Tocilizumab progress...

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Well, what can I say!

I spent last week decorating, working through every day into the evening with a day off to play 18 holes of golf... Okay, my wrists get a bit achy and I have lost some strength in them (but negligible compared to January), but oh my gosh what a difference this stuff is making to my life. I feel almost normal.

I have found that I can't tolerate dairy at all while taking Toci., if I have a small ice cream or a wee bit of cheese in 12 hours I feel really nauseous and generally unwell. I can deal with this as I only eat dairy occasionally when I have visitors or am out as a treat, but it is odd.

Only 5 doses in and hoping this continues. Remarkable! Incredible! Wonderful!

I hope all who are suffering find the magic treatment giving you better, much better times.

Go gently through the day

PS - it is snowing heavily here today!

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So glad it seems you have found your prince charming of the drug world. Long may it continue.

I’m so delighted to read this . Long May it continue. You’ve made my day 😁

That’s amazing! So glad it’s working it’s magic for you.

Great news! There’s hope for everyone it just takes time - take care 😊

Wonderful (finding the right treatment not the snow)

Absolutely brilliant 👍

You sound so happy, a joy to read..SNOW ? Where are you 😊

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Brushwork in reply to rabbits65

Thank you. Scotland, Moray Coast.

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rabbits65 in reply to Brushwork

Agh that explains the snow , mind you don’t slip over .

That's great news Brushwork and long may it continue for you particularly after all you've been through. x

Great news, onward and upwards.

It's really heartening when someone posts GOOD NEWS!Thanks.

Yippee! May it last forever.

So happy for you. ❤️


This is just so lovely to read. Long may it continue for you for a long time to come. x

Fab. Lovely to hear such a success story. It makes such a huge difference when a med really works for you. Quickly too. I was lucky that way also. Such a relief. 💗

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