Action at last

For those who don't know I have been ill with chest pain etc for the last month, got admitted last week and not heart or lung disease yeah . But got taken in as emergency today as Rheumy saw my letters and very high inflammation blood results.

So got a steroid infusion, ice packs, Tramadol yeah. Home now go back for another two steroids infusions , to also continue oral steroids for three months! And to have my abatacept infusion on 11 th. Also to go each day for radiotherapy till next Wednesday , so all in all posive helpful day and hoping this pain will settle, oh by the way it's severe costocondritis, enthesis and inflammation of all muscles in chest wall, ( google it lol)

Night guys thanks for listening xx hope to be back to being me soon but for now here's one

What's your favourite Xmas dong, any genre ????????

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  • Great that you have a chance now to get back your life!

    Best wishes, M x

  • Thank M , way to go yet but just glad something's being done after two admissions , four gp visits and a load of whining!

  • Heck A it never rains but it pours - you don't do things by halves do you?! However you still do seem like the you we know and love but just a bit quieter and it will be good to have you back when the steroids have kicked in and the radiotherapy has got your hands sorted out.

    Re gong - mine is Midnight Clear - singing it in our choir just now - I know it's a bit solemn but I'm a solemn kind of lass!


  • Lovely words, but I prefer the Noel version (Arthur Sullivan). Easier to sing when you can't sing if you know what I mean! I suppose it's the ones you remember from childhood that mostly stay with you & that's the melody I remember.

  • Don't know that one nmh but I will google it xxx

  • Thanks T! Lovely tune, bet it's beautiful at the choir at Xmas.

  • I don't know Allanah, you're so greedy!! I really hope everything helps & eases your pain, I can imagine it is very painful.

    My favourite Christmas dong is Fairytale of New York but as I see others replies it will probably be whatever they say too! Love most of them. Oo, oo, (hand raised miss!) Little Drummer Boy (Bing Crosby & David Bowie). Favourite carol has to be O Little Town of Bethlehem, as long as it's children singing it. Guaranteed to bring a tear to my eye.

  • It's so extensive is the problem from top of chest through all ribs muscles joint of ligaments, u wouldn't believe how sore.

    But fairy tale... Absolute classic. Think mine is the Calvary Jonathan luie tho I don't know why but love fairy tale and all I want for Xmas is you by mariah Carey for the bopping!

  • Oh Allanah does it ever end for you darling. Big gentle hugs from

  • Thanks my darling, you feeling better after the concert?

  • I was rough all day yesterday and i have had an upset tummy today. A bit fed up of not being

  • Snap my love, family are getting dick of me, not surprised. But it's my birthday Thursday, so radiotherapy then the boys and girls are coming over. I warned them to buy a takeaway and put their own clean sheets on!!

  • We were supposed to go out to a luncheon yesterday and because i was so ill we didn't go. Bob wouldn't leave me on my own as i said to go but no he wasn't having any of it.

    Hope you have a lovely birthday darling.xxxx

  • He's a tower of strength, you are a lucky lady in many ways x

  • Yes i am

  • Oh wow I had really bad costochronditis early on OMG it is so painful. Hope you are feeling better and it starts to subside for you. Gentle hugs.

  • Unbelievable isn't it, but whole bl... Chest wall, I must have been a bad girl in my last life, well probably was!! What's the Xmas tune you like?

  • You poor thing. I had most of my chest wall it hurt to breathe was breathless just getting out of bed. It hasn't ever completely gone away and when I get a flare or exhaust myself it flares up. I so hope you can get some relief it is cruel when you add it to everything else going on. Not sure about the song I will have to think about that

  • Oh I hope this doesn't reoccur , he thinks it acute so crossing fingers as this is awful.

  • I can imagine. I hope it goes away for you too. It is so painful and makes even breathing a struggle. Fingers crossed for you

  • Hope you feel better soon. Lots if love. X

  • Thanks, great photo! Xmas time you like?

  • Thank you x

  • What a tough time you've been having, but I'm pleased to read that you are on the mend. I had Bornholm's disease when I was younger. The nickname for that disease is 'devil's grip'. Really frightening chest pain, which might be similar to what you've been experiencing. .

    Midnight Clear, Handel's Messiah.

    Keep getting stronger.

  • I wouldn't have believed a bit of inflammation round chest would be do bad but knees wrists fingers shoulders can be just as bad x lovely tunes xx

  • Think I must have costochronditis, though nowhere near as bad as yours allanah. I've had pain off and on in my upper chest since being diagnosed with RA over 10 years ago. It's become less frequent and painful this past couple of years. Have mentioned it to rheumy a couple of times but never got a clear answer as to what it was/is. I had a heart attack shortly after getting RA. At first I thought the chest pain was this costochronditis thing as pain was very similar, until it became so severe that I had to phone out of hours..the rest is history. Interestingly, no obvious problems were found with my heart..arteries etc were all fine and my cardiologist could offer no explanation as to what caused my heart attack. What I do know is that I was taking a lot of anti inflammatories at the time (recently told to stop taking the infamous Vioxx) and was/am convinced that they caused my heart attack. Haven't touch 'em since the heart attack despite doctors wanting to prescribe them for me over the years. Things do seem to have changed in recent years though..was talking to a friend who'd had a recent heart attack and the advice that he and others were given at the cardiac arrest follow up unit was - anyone currently taking anti inflammatories must stop taking them as from now! To think..I could have told them that years ago! ;)

  • I think that's why I got admitted with my history and drugs they didn't take the chance. I hope you have got over your now but what a shock . I think my gp is well up on anti inflammatories and they do a yearly heart check on us . So any Xmas tunes come to mind?

  • Glad to hear they aren't taking any chances with you, as you can never be too careful with chest pains. Hope you feel better soon.

    My heart suffered slight damage/scarring, but no problems since.. as I firmly touch my wooden kitchen table! :) Scary times for the first year or so following the heart attack.. I was getting frequent prolonged bouts of costochronditis, which could be quite painful back then. On many occasions I would be extremely worried that I was having another heart attack when the pain got bad and in a dilemma whether to phone emergency services or not. I did phone the hospital once and was admitted for an ECG, which thankfully turned out ok. I've sort of learned to ignore my chest pain over the years though won't hesitate to phone emergency services should the pain get seriously bad.. think I let it ride for about 6 hours when I had a heart attack despite my wife telling me to phone for advice, certainly won't be doing that again! :(

    My GP is also more aware of the problems anti inflamms can cause.. I had a flare a while back and wen't to GP's for some better pain relief. He said that he didn't want to prescribe anti inflamms because of my heart condition.. that sure made a change from me having to refuse them, and I was very tempted to say..I told you so! :)

  • Good Grief A!!!

    What next, I ask!!

    Anyway, enough of the flippant remarks. Thinking of you and hope you soon feel better.x

  • Thanks C, hoping for a better year next year!

  • Aw Allanah, what a nightmare you are going through, I hope you will start to improve on this new regimen and that the steroids start their work soon. You've certainly had a very rough time lately. Sending very gentle hugs. Lynda xxxxx

    Oh yes, Christmas music, My favourite carol - In the Bleak Midwinter

    Favourite song - Have yourself a merry little Christmas - Frank Sinatra

  • Nothing like a bit of Frank ol blue eyes. My dad had those eyes!

  • I'll second In the bleak midwinter. Love it! And of course Bing Crosby, White Christmas!

  • Wow, what a lot you have going on! Do hope things soon much better for you. Favourite Christmas song is Kirsty McCall and favourite carol has to be Silent Night. But then again.......

  • So sorry to hear this Allanah, I have just recently been released from hospital too, I was infor a week for pain management, as the pain has been too much to bear for me, in my shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. They put me on Oxycontine 30mg twice a day and Oxycontine 5mg as required also pregaballin 75mg twice a day now 150mg twice a day, things are looking a bit better me included, so glad you are home, and on the mend, hospital isn't a great place to be, I hope you continue to get well. Slade-It's Christmas :)

  • Oh Allanah you are really clocking up the hospital loyalty points!! Do hope things turn around for you very, very soon. Sending you a big birthday hug for Thursday.

    Fave xmas song this year is a beautiful piece of music by Sarah McLachlan -Wintersong, in memory of my wonderful mum-in -law who passed away very suddenly this year.

  • If it was air miles id be in Australia for Xmas!!

    I'll look that song up! Thanks for the birthday wishes, xxxx

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