At last!

Hello all. It's been six weeks since my second infusion of Rituximab. I have now managed to stop taking painkillers as of the middle of last week. Seem to be improving daily. I still have aches, stiffness and tiredness but there are the odd moments when I forget I have it and do something like getting in and out of a car easily . Usually I struggle. I am feeling better mentally and am very hopeful of this actually working for me. After months of tears and pain leading up to the initial infusion I feel relaxed. Aches and stiffness I can cope with and have been referred for physio, so am hoping I can get more relief. I still can't make a fist on the morning but that also is improving.I have had RH since 1997. So happy my consiltant referred me for this. Actually looking forward instead of backwards.

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  • Hi ellie , so glad to hear your positive story 😀 I just had second infusion as well and i am seeing an improvement as well though still quite achey . I hope things continue to improve for you , best wishes 🌸🌸

  • Hope the improvement continues for you as well x

  • Great news Ellie, hope it continues and you can enjoy your retirement. All the best. X

  • Thank you. Not missing work at all !

  • A new life !! Enjoy each day as much as you can. X

  • I couldn't be more happier for you!!! Enjoy the new you, you deserve it :)

  • Hi Elliieellie

    I am so happy for you it is such a lovely feeling to remember how it was before the pain was there. I should imagine you feel half human again. Good luck my friend and enjoy everyday. Jan101 💐💐xxxx

  • Thank you x

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