In and out!!!

Hi all, well been back in and out of hospital with this chest wall inflammation and high blood sugars.

Had another steroid infusion which I think now has kicked it all into touch!! Yes! But blood sugars still being a pain however the diabetic nurse had been amazing, even telling me I MUST eat and drink and be merry at my girls night out! Well with no pud and rationed wine lol but I got there and it was nice. Tomorrow more steroids and oral ones every day and abatacept all in sll progress, radiotherapy finished till Janusry and I can open my hand now wow. So hoping yo get some decorations up Wednesday and look forward to the family coming and my daughters 18 birthday !!

And to the NRAS helpline and to all those who send me messages a huge THANKYOU for all your support xxx

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  • You have been in the wars. Get well soon x

  • Rather it was to it wars ! But you learn a lot about yourself when u r in hospital!! It's actually made me more positive that things will settle down again on this roller coaster ride lol x

  • That's good. Staying positive is hard hut definitely the one thing we can do to improve our outlook. Take care :)

  • Thanks for updating us Allanah. You know we think about you so it's lovely hear you're ok(ish). Enjoy your steroid holiday! I'll dec our tree sometime before Christmas, it is still out in the garden ...wet!!

  • Nice to hear from you, how's the treatment going , are u on or off course for your charity works?

  • Thank mnh, had the usual should I try Xmas shoes on my night out! Answer don't be stupid!!! Lol xx

  • Bet you had a good time anyway even without them, not that important in the grand scheme of things is it lol?! x

  • Hi Allanah didnt know you were going through a rough time just now, I have prob been caught up in my own rough time to notice, sound like you are getting some relief for now which is amazing, I must say I'm a little envious, steroids do nothing for me but they keep pumping them into me and I keep saying they dont work, Im back at hospital today and my wufe thinks I will get kept in again, think she maybe right, not sure how I feel about it. Anyway get well soon and enjoy the relief you have, its great to hear and hopefully I will get there soon also

  • Agree with your mrs, sounds like a clever lady lol!! Sending hugs and hope today goes well for you x

  • Oh allanah,

    so sorry to hear about the problems that you have been having. Wishing you well from us here. Glad that you managed to get to your girls night out. Congratulations to your daughter on her 18th! Time goes so fast doesn't it! Seems like only a blink since mine were 18 but they are now 23 and 25! Have a fun time on Wednesday.

    Best Wishes

    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Glad to have you bouncing back A and hope things continue to improve with blood sugars and Abatacept - glad to know you are in good hands at least. Txx

  • Wow you do have a busy time coming up. Glad the meds are working and the radiation therapy. Let's hope that all our New Years presents are that we all find something that we have success with and NO reactions hahahaha

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