At Last Pain Free.Mattcass

Morning All, This is the third day since i stepped up my steroids by 5mgs to 20mgs and the pain has virtually gone my fingers and wrist are sore to touch but considering what they been through the last three weeks, there is no inflammatory pain anywhere, I have decided to forget the Rheumy side of my problems till i meet the Respiratory big guns in Edinburgh early December and what I need to know will 20mgs steroids a day be damaging to me long term. Away to complete my mini Triathlon 50 mts sprint in the Hydro pool in the chair, 100mts there and back to the pub, and 10 minutes on the exercise bike on speed 1. Mattcass

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  • Hi matt

    Great news!!!!!!!!

    I had a steriod injection in my buttock.......... thank the lord this site doesn't require photographic evidence. Ha.ha


  • Hi Carole,that would have been one for the Facebook.Matt

  • That's my kind of Triathlon. I could manage that!

  • Hi Phoebe Thank You. Matt

  • Thank goodness Matt, I have hated to hear you suffering as you have recently.

    Good idea though talking to the respiratory staff about the future treatment.

    Well done , you are fitter than me ! Don't think I could do the mini triathlon.

    You are a credit to us all you know, you cope with two serious illnesses and still supportive and cheerful on the site, so proud of what you and Fran achieve, you Sir are a legend ! A xx

  • Hi A, Thank you, I'm expecting Tony Dall05 to come in with a challenge he has done everything else. He is a Legend also. Matt

  • If you are going to be on 20mg for a while you should talk to your GP about calcium supplements to avoid osteoporosis (loss of bone density). I think most people on this site who are on long term steroids take calcium.

  • Hi pb52 Thank You, I have been on calcium tabs for 6 years so no probs there,Matt

  • Oh that's such a relief to hear Matt - nothing worse than not being able to get the pain under control.

    Re the steroids I was on 8Omg for months, then reduced to 6Omg, then gradually to 4Omg and then on downwards - all for a lung problem - took 8 months in total. It worsened the steroid induced cataracts that I already had [after a lifetime of steroids mind] and I had a small amount of bone loss. But I couldn't breathe without them until the problem was medically under control - and I was started on Fosamax to protect my bones and daily calcium and Vit D tablets. Often it seems to be a balancing act between quality of life in the here-and-now and managing the risk of long term damage. Your plan sounds sensible, no one can tolerate uncontrolled pain and inflammation that seems without end - that way madness lies - and getting your cardio-thoracic drs to have an input is important.

    Glad that today is feeling manageable:-}

    Cece x

  • Hi Cece Thank You, In this day and age nobody should have to go through that level of pain for the sake of 5mgs of steroids.Matt

  • Wonderful news pleased for you and long may it continue


  • Hi Penny Thank You, Matt

  • Matt well done you,do you want to do some for me as well

  • Hi sylvi Pool, Pub, Bike, Matt

  • Yep that will me fine

  • Hi Scouser your right again, I am a Braw Looking Laddie, Matt

  • I'm so glad the pain has gone Matt. Steroids are amazing aren't they? I hope it checks the flare completely now. Good luck. Judy

  • Hi Matt so very pleased for you. Man steroids are brill always work for me long may it last Christine xxx

  • Very good to hear that..from reading I understand you have been through such a rough time.

    I had a steroid injection last weekend and it has helped greatly.

    I'm back at hosp tomorrow to see what they are going to do next as currently off meds due to bad side effects...I feel better off them but the pain..Oh My!

    I hope you continue in this vain, I'm very happy for you. Maryx

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