As Etta James said " at last"

As Etta  James said " at last"

Well no calls over weekend as promised by Rheumy secretary so I called her 9 am again not founding as cheery as normal as I glared again. So I said I'm in radiotherapy today do call before 2 pm.

2 pm came and went and I saw the radiotherapy consultant who agreed I need more radiotherapy to my left hand ASAP.

In the middle of this Rheumy called, told radio guy I was dorry but was waiting on this call and why. They said go round now to rheumatology .

Got a porter to push and off we went, waited an hour, got an apology for the whole thing eg jot getting infusion even tho he wrote prescription the day I saw him and for not bring told about clinic cancellation.

Fair enough so plan Tutuximab starts next Wednesday! Stay on Arava and methotrexate too. Restart steroid 15 mg orally.

So all good I hope and now fingers crossed that Rituximab is for me!!!

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  • Fingers crossed for you, my friend. Glad you got an apology at least!

  • Fingers crossed that this all works well for you darling. you are having a rough time of it darling. Big squidgy hugs from me

  • Good luck with the Rituximab Allana. Xx

  • Oh my. What a day! Pleased that you got there in the end. Fingers crossed it helps. Good luck x

  • Keep at it,good luck

  • Glad you got there at last. Hope it's the one for you?

    Carolyn x

  • So pleased that you managed to sort them out! But these things shouldn't happen. Well done for persevering. Hope this is the one for you! M xx

  • Oh Allanah I so hope so for you your sake. What a monumental stuff up. I thought I was the only one that attracted that many gremlins. Good Luck and everything crossed for you

  • Sounds like Fawlty Towers Hospital wing. But brilliant that things are now set up for next Wednesday, I hope it goes really well with new drug.

  • I hope it works for you after all this. Good luck. Farm

  • You've had a right old time with things Allanah, glad you're finally making some progress with the hospital problems. Hope new drug works well for you, lynda xx

  • Fingers crossed for you Allanah. Jude

  • thanks guys, amazing how it makes you feel more positive when you get the advice, they arent normally this rubbish tho!

  • Hope it's the wonder drug for you. Xxx

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