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At last !!!!!


Just got my app for ra to see consultant after waiting months had to stop all my med cos of tooth infection had it out still on steroids only thing to stop pain and flairs now

I thinki might have polymialgia, as I have a lot of the symptoms and in constant pain shoulders and spine I'm on meds for low thryroid for a long time just hope I can get some answers on 10sept

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Good luck! This is not fun! Also, your garden is beautiful!

Nsmith13 in reply to Jessileigh

It's quite tropical got two huge yukkas that look like palm trees might do a Nettie on them with hammock ha ha

Do let us know how you get on ?

Good luck at your appointment lovely! You could be in the Caribbean in this pic X

Nsmith13 in reply to Shalf

That was the idea when I started it people are guite shocked when they come through back gate and it's only small, I blame you for minty get that gorgeous puppy we all want one now after seeing your little beutiful pack , I'm a bit old now so Bert will do now and lve had some lovely dogs Last one rough haired little jack called

Milo loads of character but a little b........d he used to cock his leg on anything handbags and chew up hearing aids not mine

Shalf in reply to Nsmith13

It looks lush :) and I blame me too for Minty getting a puppy lol. Wrinkles is gorgeous! Haha, that made me laugh, chewed up hearing aids. Yes, alot of dogs like peeing on bags! My hand is aching tonight. Was reading you had similar. Any better?

fingers crossed you get down to the bottom of it so you can get on the road to recovery,

Nsmith13 in reply to VeronicaF

Yes I've read it goes with RA at ladies of a certain age think mtx helped but had to stop it just see what happens

Wishing you all the best for 10th. Hugs


Nsmith13 in reply to Gnarli

Aw thankyou it's been a long wait

I was diagnosed with PMR ten years before I was diagnosed with RA. I can definitely tell the difference as the PMR mostly affects my shoulders, neck and hips and it may or may not flare the same time as the RA. I am also hypothyroid and when I finally got that dosage correct it really helped a lot with my energy.

Best of luck with your upcoming appointment 😊

Nsmith13 in reply to Nitrobunny


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