Memory foam Mattresses

Has anyone got one of these and can give me some feedback with regards to how they find them.

Reason I ask is my RA has progressed to both my hips and lower back I have been having a lot of pain and and now back on the steroids despite taking MTX and other medications, I am finding it very painful to turn over in bed and also sleeping on my side is making my hips very sore. I need to be able to grip the side of the mattress to help me get out of bed so was worried in case I didn't have the same support at the side of a memory foam mattress to assist me.

Any feedback appreciated.

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  • Would not be without mine have bought one for my caravan they are great and they do help with all the aches and they are comfy


  • sorry missed part get a topper and you still have the mattress for grip


  • They're lovely unless you or your other half are hot bods. I liked ours but my h was always overheating. Even though it was very expensive he couldn't put up with it so it's now relegated to a spare bedroom!

  • Thanks for your replies will check out stores and prices, good suggestion re topper.

  • hi I have one they are good I but a mattress topper on that stops you getting too hot, I also got an electric bed in the sale that is a god send when I am not too well

  • Do try one out in a shop first, as I find them too unsupportive. To me it's a bit like sleeping in a bowl of mashed potato, and I find it difficult to fight my way out of them. But I do have very bad vertebrae and anything that doesn't give enough support also causes a lot of pain, so a different situation to yours.

  • Hello

    We have this type of mattress with an adjustable bed, we find them warm and quite supportive. Ours are on a Beech slatted frame and that seems possibly to give the support needed.

    When I moved up here we bought additional ones from Silent Night, and we found our older ones from HSL were the best ones. If you buy them from HSL you may qualify for getting the VAT back


  • I have one and it is very good.

  • I have one and an ordinary mattress underneath it, the bed is high, but so great to get into and out of after the hip replacement surgery, husband used to complain about his back aching, no more complaints and with height raised he too finds it so easy to get out of bed. We get full support having the inner spring mattress under the memory foam mattress. it does get warm, but it doesn't stop us from sleeping.

  • I tried a memory foam mattress while staying with a friend who thinks they are marvellous.

    But for me it was a disaster. I sort of sank into the mattress after a while and couldn't manage to turn over without a lot of struggling and pain. And I felt terribly hot. So I was glad of the opportunity to try before buying.

  • Thanks to everyone who have took the time to reply to my post and give me their experiences. I must admit that not being able to turn over was may main worry as I find it difficult now and have to hold onto the side of the mattress for support.

    I have heard that there is a new mattress on the market called Gel tex made by Sealy maybe this would be more supportive but yet give me the comfort of a memory foam, will do some research.

    Thanks again


  • Mattresses are a nightmare to buy. They are very expensive and it takes a few nights before you know if they're ok, but by that time you can't return them if you don't like what you bought grrrr. Memory foam makes you feel very hot. If you like to be cool, don't buy one. Are you talking about a topper or a complete new mattress? There are new types of memory foam mattress topper which are more expensive but have some kind of cooling system. You will need to do a lot of shopping around before you buy!!

  • I really couldn't do without my memory foam mattress. The only problem was that I found it very hot and sweaty. The solution was to buy an extra ventilated sort of topper and now my comfort is complete.

  • Hi, we've recently bought a Sensafoam mattress, cheaper version of the Tempur ones and I tried loads in the shop. This one we got is helping me get a restful sleep as best as I can when on pain. Hope you find one that helps xx

  • Hi Jackie,

    Have a look at these mattresses...

    These keep you cooler as there is plenty of air circulating. There is also a free 60 night trial of the mattress. They are very expensive but if you are a Costco member then you can buy them roughly half price!

  • I have a memory foam mattress topper and had it for years. Certainly made sleeping and getting comfortable a lot easier for me, I would highly recommend them but then again we are not all the same and suppose it depends on the person. Good Luck hope you get it sorted xxx

  • I used to have a topper, then progressed to the full memory foam mattress, would never go back

  • Hi Jackie,

    I have put together some information for you that we give to Helpline callers regarding beds and mattresses:

    Tempur memory foam mattress is meant to be very good but is expensive.


    Tempur Mattresses: 0800 0111083 m-f 9am-5.30pm

    Offer a 60 night trial period. Have to buy up front and try for 60 nights. If not satisfied will be refunded.

    NEGATIVES: people have reported feeling hot and also some have had difficulty getting up from the bed as the mattress moulds to body.

    Cheaper option: Memory foam topper for mattress

    Disabled Living Foundation

    A national charity providing impartial advice and information

    0300 999 0004 m -f 10am -4pm

    They have demonstration centres; they employ OT'S to give advice there. Can try different beds/mattresses from different manufacturers. Can't buy from centre, but once know what suits, can contact companies direct.

    Hope this helps!


    Sally ( NRAS Helpline)

  • I would like to say how very much I appreciate all the many replies I have received to my post, you really are a great bunch of people.

    Thanks also to Sally and Cattledog for the links to further information.

    I will be taking all suggestions on board and checking up on the links provided.

    Thanks again


  • Hi, i have quite a firm mattress and found as my RA progressed i just couldnt get comfortable at all, my sister suggested a memory foam topper. It is a godsend. We take it camping and also when we go to center parcs, i really couldnt be without it, mine has a towelling cover, so dont suffer with the overheating...x

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