My best relief

It has just ovcured to me that i have never posted about what i consider to be my greatest relief for RA, i have a profile or multi adjustable piwered bed with a built in massage. I treated myself to this £1500 luxury (mine is a 4'6" UK double but singles and 5' + are availabke) when i got my DLA back pay and it is the best thing i ever did with regard to easing the ever changing multiple joint pains associated with RA, being able to change position at will provides real relief and the massage facility can be adjusted from very gentle to quite vigorous and is zonal. My bed came from the online catalogue of a well know chemist but there are many suppliers. After 4 years i changed the mattress for a different memory foam one at a cost of £600 but again well worth the spend.

It only occured to me today that ive never mentioned this positive benefit in my RA fight as like many of us i have normally posted seeking advice on my negative disease issues. I really hope anyone trying the bed has the ssme positive results as me.

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  • I have a craftmatic which is now in another bedroom. The one i have in our bedroom is two singles together. Sadly it doesn't have massage like the other one. Mine rises both ends and it also rises up so if i make the bed i can raise it up so i don;t have to keep bending down to do. We changed our bed as we both have different health problems so thats why we changed it.I love both our beds.xxxxx

  • Now there's an idea for my list to Santa!

  • Hi that's my main objective now because I've lost count the number off times I've had to get up and come down stairs at night because off my useless bed , I've got RA,OA and circulation problems and my wife's got joint problems too, could you message me the place where you got your bed from if you can xxx

  • Sounds positive and you are obviously gaining benefit from it. And if it gives you some relief it is worth every penny.

    If it is the high street pharmacy I am thinking of, I find them very helpful and they have a good stock of disability aids in their larger stores so you can try before you buy.

  • Hi Leon,

    Great thing to bear in mind for the future. I changed my bed about 3 years ago just to an ordinary good quality mattress and a lovely sprung frame. I too love my bed but would definitely spend the extra on one like yours if it came to it.

    Hope you're having a good day


  • I have twice tried to sleep in a "normal" bed since having mine and it feels very strange.

  • Me too! I got an adjustable bed from Dreams in their sale -it's 2 singles attached together and it really is brilliant (got it pretty cheap in the scheme of things!)

    Best thing I ever bought! M x

  • Thats brilliant, sounds like you lucked on a real bargain.

  • Sure did I got it for £850 and claimed back tax exemption so took it down further £100 odd so brilliant best bargain i ever found! M x

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