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off topic had endoscopy

had follow up for my Crohns today and i have got to have it all done again. The cleaner that i was given didnt clean very good. They found at least one more polyp and several Diverticulosis, it was 'nt clean enough to remove polyp so hence the repeat called for. I had a bad time last night taking the stuff as it took a long while to leave my body properly , then when it did it was wush just like turning the tap on full, or the flush of the toilet. No food for 12hrs and only clear fluids to drink till after and then one cup of tea.

Hope everyone is feeling better , sending you all hugs XXX

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Oh no sorry you have to go through it all again. I hope this one works for you. Xx


Sending you a hug fastball as it sounds like you need one.x


That doesn't sound very nice. You take care and give yourself a treat. Xxx


Hello. So sorry you've had such a waste of time and all the worry too. Having had one of these myself I do feel for you. I remember the Picolax and hovering close to the loo all day. I hope you get sorted out. You have enough to worry about without this too. Angela x. PS. Hope your Mum is well.


my mum died 2yrs ago bu my father is still alive and has settled into his new home from home. I have my grandson to look after, he was here earlier this morning as his mam has gone on a training course. It will also be later when she picks him up, he is no trouble he just plays on his cadgets. I'm fine now still a bit tired didnt sleep to good .

Thanks everyone for your kinds sending you all hugs and hope you are not suffering with the change in the weather .



Oh sorry Chris - my mistake - I meant your Dad. I remembered you were a carer too. Glad to hear he is settled now. Angela x


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