Hydrotherapy Sessions in Stratford, East London

Hydrotherapy Sessions in Stratford, East London

Activ8 Physio is starting hydrotherapy sessions in Stratford, East London on Friday 6th June. These weekly Hydro-Active sessions will take place in a specially heated pool and last 40 minutes. There are two sessions each week starting at 3pm and 3.40pm. There is a 60% discount for NRAS Members (just £15 per session) and non-Members can still take part but at the full rate. See the attached poster for more information.

If you have any questions or you would like to sign up to the sessions, email or call 07939 223 768.

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i have just completed six hydro session at my local hospital.......they were fabulous, i can't recommend them enough. instant relief, exercises and a ten minute meditation at the end..... i just didn't want to come out of the pool, like everyone else taking part. however the nurse that was taking the session told us that they were limited to six sessions as to do it constantly would not be good for you. we were told that in 9 months time we could ask for another session. all the best.


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